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Do you want the appearance of slate tile but don’t suppose you’re as much as tackling the installation and cannot find the money for a professional to do the process? Or perhaps the value of stone or slate simply is not on your budget – nicely, maybe this trick is for you.


There are numerous vinyl peel and stick tiles accessible which might be pretty good grade and appearance clearly great.


in a single corner of our kitchen we have a  freestanding gas log range. it is flanked by using rocking chairs and makes a pleasing comfortable sitting area. while we hooked up the range we positioned it up on a raised 6-inch platform made of plywood to raise it up better. The wall in that nook slopes from eight ft as much as about 12 ft and we idea it would look really exceptional to put both slate tile or herbal stone in the nook surrounding the range.


The price of the herbal stone was prohibitive for us and even as searching on the slate tiles at some point we passed through the vinyl tile segment and saw a colour we certainly liked that became “imitation slate”. VolgoPoint The tile changed into heavy and had a pleasing feel. A light bulb went on in my head. My husband wasn’t so certain at the start…he changed into afraid it would look similar to vinyl tile caught to the wall. however with some convincing he in the end agreed when we found out if it didn’t look proper after we carried out a few tiles we could go back the relaxation and we might simplest be out some bucks. So away we went with some bins of vinyl tile.


We in no time have been able to positioned the tile into location on the wall without a pre-training for the reason that wall become only painted and turned into easy. there was very little cutting worried and this turned into achieved with a razor knife. We also tiled the raised platform below the stove.


It failed to take long – handiest multiple nights of listening to the tiles fall – to determine out that the adhesive on the back of the tiles became no longer enough to preserve the tile at the wall, specially close to a stove in which the temperature turned into continuously going from hot to cold. This also offered a hearth danger as some of the tiles fell onto the stove. So we bought Gorilla Glue (Liquid Nails would also paintings) and re-secured the tiles to the wall. That worked and they stayed up after that. seeing that our kitchen is a work in development, whilst we in the end get our kitchen finished and add the trimwork and moulding we can probable trim this area out with matching moulding.


The end result was a stunning backdrop to my fire. every time a traveler comes into my kitchen they first admire it then stroll over and contact the tiles and ask what it’s miles…they by no means wager it’s miles vinyl tile until I inform them. You simply want to be careful for your choice of tile and do not pick some thing vivid this is obviously vinyl except vinyl is the appearance you are trying to reap!


You continually want to be careful about what you put in near any sort of heat supply and the way near you install it. constantly ensure it’s far securely connected in order that it cannot come unfastened and fall and gift a fire threat or fall and hit a person and harm them! whilst the usage of any type of glue make sure to observe the manufacturer’s instructions and hold the area properly ventilated. it is also a great concept to show off any pilot lighting fixtures and make sure there aren’t any open flames present.


i would additionally do that kind of tile at the out of doors areas of a conventional hearth to freshen it up or for kitchen backsplash regions, VolgoPoint peel and stick tile i am considering adding the equal tile as a backsplash in my kitchen to carry the ones two regions of my kitchen collectively.


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