UncategorizedGlobal Hearing Implants Market by Product Type (Cochlear Implants, Middle Ear Implants, Bone Conduction implants and Auditory Brainstem Implants), By Age Group (Adults and Paediatrics), By End User (Hospitals, ENT Clinics, Ambulatory Centers and Others) and by Geography – Opportunities & Forecast, 2018-2025

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Hearing implants are complex devices which consists an external portion and the implant. Hearing implants are surgically placed electronic prosthetic devices which is widely used to treat hearing loss and deafness. There are four major type of hearing implants including cochlear implant, middle ear implant, bone conduction implant and auditory brainstem implant commercially available in the market for the treatment of hearing loss. Hearing Implants are utilized in the patients in the situations where the hearing aids don’t work. Sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss are three basic types of hearing loss. Severe head trauma can dislocate middle-ear bones or cause nerve damage, causing permanent hearing loss, acoustic trauma. A cochlear implant is widely accepted, effective and long-term hearing solution for individuals with moderate to significant hearing loss.

Major factors which are driving the growth of hearing implant during the forecast period owing to increasing prevalence of hearing loss across the globe, growing incidence of ear infection, rising geriatric population, etc. for instance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 900 million of people can suffer from hearing disorders by 2025. Moreover, rising government initiative and favourable reimbursement policies have fuelled the market growth. Technological advancement in hearing implants especially in cochlear implant, bone-anchored device and middle-ear implant are support the growth of the market during the forecast period. For example, introduction of hybrid hearing implants, wireless and Bluetooth enabled implants are attracting the patient and healthcare professionals to adopt these devices. Furthermore, higher penetration of hearing implants due to early implantation in children is also expected to drive the growth of the hearing implants market. For instance, according to the NIH, in the US, about 2 to 3 out of every 1,000 children are born with significant hearing loss in one or both ears. However, the high cost of hearing implants, lack of awareness about the hearing implants in emerging countries are some of the factors which hinder the growth of the market.

Various notable players operating in the market, include Cochlear Ltd., William Demant Holding A/S, Ototronix, Advanced Bionics AG, MED-EL, Nurotron Biotechnology Co. Ltd Corporation, SLM Solutions, EnvisionTEC, DENTSPLY Sirona, Straumann AG Group, FormLabs Inc., Prodways Group, EOS, among others. Major players are focussing on research & development activities to launch innovative hearing implants to expand their product portfolio across the globe. For instance, recently MED-EL introduced MRI compatible hearing implants.

The global Hearing Implants market has been segmented on the basis of product type, age group, end user and key geographies. Based on product type, the market comprises equipment and services. The research report “global Hearing Implants market” provides in-depth analysis of global Hearing implants market based on product type, age group, end user and major geographies for the forecast period from 2018 to 2025. The report also highlights the major market drivers propelling the growth as well as challenges faced by market participants. The research report provides growth, opportunity, market size, trends and forecast for the global Hearing implants market. In addition, the report also analyses the competitive landscape, major players and their strategies in 2018. The competitive landscape section of the report captures and highlights the recent developments, Company share, outlook in the market.

Key questions answered in this research report:
1- At what pace is Hearing Implants market growing? What will be the global Hearing Implants market forecast?
2- What are the key drivers and restraints in the current market? What will be the impact of drivers and restraints in the future?
3- What are the regional revenue and forecast breakdowns? Which are the major regional revenue pockets for growth in Hearing Implants and global Hearing Implants market size?
4- Global Hearing Implants market outlook, application areas and how they are poised to grow?
5- Global Hearing Implants market overview, industry analysis and scope of study?

Market Segmentation
By Product Type
• Cochlear Implants
o unilateral implant
o bilateral implant.
• Middle Ear Implants
• Bone Conduction Implants
• Auditory Brainstem Implants

By Age Group
• Adults
• Paediatrics

By End User
• Hospitals
• ENT Clinics
• Ambulatory Centers
• Others

By Geography
• North America
As a part of customization
o By Product Type
o By Age Group
o By End User
o US
o Canada
o Mexico

• Europe
As a part of customization
o By Product Type
o By Age Group
o By End User
o UK
o Germany
o Spain
o Rest of Europe

• Asia-Pacific
As a part of customization
o By Product Type
o By Age Group
o By End User
o China
o Australia
o India
o Rest of APAC

As a part of customization
o By Product Type
o By Age Group
o By End User
o Brazil
o South Africa
o GCC countries
o Rest of world (remaining countries of the LAMEA region)

Leading market players
• Cochlear Ltd.
• William Demant Holding A/S
• Ototronix
• Advanced Bionics AG
• Nurotron Biotechnology Co. Ltd
• Corporation
• SLM Solutions
• EnvisionTEC
• Straumann AG Group
• FormLabs Inc
• Prodways Group

*Other prominent players in the market which can be profiled as a part of customization:
• Rapid Shape DWS (Italy)
• Planmeca
• Kulzer GmbH
• Ultimaker
• Dental Wings
• Asiga Inc
• Carbon


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