Fashion and LifestyleGoing on a Virtual Date with your Lover in the Lockdown?

AdminMarch 23, 20212087 min

In this lockdown period, many of us are unfortunate to be detached from our dear ones. Some can’t visit their parents because they live in another country, while some are living just in the neighborhoods but can’t see each other because of the risk of infections. In any way, it is heart wrenching to be away from the ones we love the most.

It is also painful for the love birds who are devoid of the moments of closeness, love and romance in these days. It feels like ages since we have seen the couples holding hands and walking on the sidewalks together. But there are the advanced ways of technology through which they can still listen to each other’s heartbeats and know that they are united by the bonding of love.

These days, newly met couples and also those who have been in a long term relationship are meeting each other through the virtual dates. Through internet, a lot of things are easier and possible now. However, we can’t blindly believe on each and every one, considering the increasing rate of social and internet threats. If you are meeting someone you know on the internet, then there is a lesser chance of getting exploited but still there is a limit of being exposed to the virtual world at every instance. And if you are going to meet someone for the first time, then you need to be very much cautious about it.

Well, if boredom, grief and loneliness have tortured you enough and you want some good time with your love life then you can surely try this way of dating. If you are going through this phase and want to make this virtual dating a memorable experience then here are some suggestions you can think of:


Check your audio video and connectivity: Before you start video calling, check your connectivity, audio and video setting properly so that you don’t have an embarrassing or interrupting situation in between the call.

Keep lighting focused and pleasant: Make sure that you have a good lighting in your room, especially on your face so that the call goes smooth and the other person gets to have a good glance of yours.

Dress Up: Although you are at home and you are comfortable but that doesn’t need to show up. Dress up like you are going on a date for real which will give you both a better experience. And dressing up always gives us more confidence. But make sure you are not over dressed for a virtual date.

Do something extra:

Extra as in, you can make a cup of coffee or spaghetti to pretend having it with your partner. This way, it can be more fun and interesting.


Don’t talk about the pandemic all the time: After an extent, it will get boring to talk about something that is disturbing and adds to anxiety. So talk something good and casual.

Don’t talk about financial stuff: Talking about financial stuff on a date is always a blockage. It is boring and can lead to many disputes. If you are on a date for the first time with a person then never share any information related to financial status or something.

Don’t put your camera too close or change the position repeatedly: In video call, the focus matters the most. Don’t put the camera too close which will add on some extra pounds to your appearance. If you repeatedly change the camera position, that will be irritating for the other person too.

Don’t talk in front of family or others: On video call, you will most probably be on loud speaker. Or even if you are with headphones on, make sure you are alone to express every emotions to your partner. Being with someone from family or any other people will just ruin the date for both of you. So, ensure a place with decent privacy.


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