Here’s Why You Should Buy Microfiber Sunglass Pouch

Microfiber glass pouch is a delicate and soft case that is used to protect sunglasses and reading glasses. It protects the lens of the glasses from getting scratched. It is easy and convenient to carry, and one does not require ample space to carry these, unlike the other large glass boxes. 

Microfiber sunglass bag is finely lined with a smooth string at its opening, which can be easily expanded and contracted. It safely protects the glasses and prevents them from sliding out. 

Best known for its convenience, this soft sunglass pouch should be owned by everyone. If you are looking for reasons to buy this soft pouch, then continue reading, and we bet you will end up buying one. 

Reasons to buy microfiber glass pouch 

1. Protects the glasses

Microfiber eyewear pouch protects the glasses like no other glass cases. It is soft in nature and does not let the lens of the glasses get scratched easily. The string at the opening does not allow the glasses to slide out, protecting them from falling down. 

So, you never have to worry about keeping your glasses wrapped in a soft cloth because these already serve the purpose well.

2. Easy to store other precious items

Did it ever happen to you that you keep a precious item somewhere but then end up struggling to find the same? Well, it almost happens with all of us. So, what could be the easiest solution to stop this common problem? Here’s your answer- Microfiber glass pouch. 

These are not only used to protect eyeglasses but can also be used to carefully store many other items. You can use these to keep your small jewelry items, hairpins, ruffles, makeup items, and other small essentials that are too easy to get lost. 

So, you can easily keep your things safe and never have to struggle to find them.

3. Customizable and easy on pockets

One of the best reasons to own microfiber glass pouches is that these are very cost-effective. Anyone can afford these, and you can also get these customized as per your requirements. 

Many businesses selling eyeglasses and related accessories can get the microfiber sunglass pouch at wholesale rates. 


Microfiber sunglass pouches are available on various online platforms, and you can get these easily. Having so many benefits other than protecting glasses, these are a must-have for everyone. 

So, don’t wait up and buy yours now. 


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