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Qingdao University China

Established first in the year 1985 and later merged with several colleges including the Qingdao Medical College in the year 1993, the Qingdao university is a provincial research university based in Qingdao, China. The Medical program of Qingdao University attracts more than 1500 students from overseas every year who take admission to the university because of its high-quality education and the researches which are done on a regular basis in the university. China is known to provide some of the best medical schools in the world and that is the reason it is the country with more than 40 MCI approved medical universities and medical schools. The recognition the universities of China get from the World Health Organization also ensures that the degree from Qingdao university china has global recognition. The university is known to keep an ideal student teach ratio of 15:1 to ensure that the students get individual attention and care from the professors and teachers. The laboratories of the university are top-notch with the latest equipment installed and are dedicated to different and separate departments for medical practices and teaching. The library of the university is filled with both physical and digital books to ensure that an abundance of data is available for the students.

The hostel facilities of the university are excellent and the students and their parents do not need to worry about the accommodation facilities during the course of study. The rooms are equipped with all the necessary amenities and the male and female students are provided with separate hostels. The rooms have heating facilities, telephone in the common room, 24 hours water supply and many more facilities. The hospital which is affiliated with Qingdao University can provide internship facilities to 300 students at a time and the students can get enough exposure and practice while taking the internship in the hospital which would further improve their medical knowledge. The hospital staff is very supportive and the international students are provided with proper facilities for them to learn the new techniques. The staff of Qingdao University is extremely experienced with years of experience in the field of medicinal studies.

The duration of mbbs in china is for 6 years which includes 1 year of internship at the affiliated hospitals of the university. Qingdao University also follows the same curriculum as the rest of the country. The university also has a clinic for the students in which they can get treated at minimal cost in case of any injury. Qingdao University not only focuses on the studies but also on the extra-curricular activities. The university organizes several sports and cultural events in which the students can participate in the activities and get to know one another. The university also has an on-campus departmental store from which the students can purchase basic things such as soap, towels, toothbrushes, etc. The transport facilities are excellent in China and the students can find the bus just outside the university if they want to go to someplace. ATM is available inside the campus and there is a bank just outside the university.

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