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  • If you’re tired of feeling sexually inadequate due to premature ejaculation tendencies, check out this guide and discover the best home remedies for your situation.
  • Guilty feelings, anxiety about fulfilling your partner’s sexual needs, poor body image, depression, and traumatic sexual experiences are some of the reasons why premature ejaculation occurs.
  • The causes are mainly physical and psychological. Luckily, from counseling, physical therapy, specific medical treatments to home remedies, there is a myriad of treatment options for premature ejaculation (PE), including a few top-rated male enhancements.
  • You can either invest in topical creams, lidocaine sprays, zinc, and magnesium-rich supplements or try the premature ejaculation prevention techniques at home and see if they will help manage your issues.
  • It is also essential to exercise. Pelvic floor exercises have been found to help boost muscles involved in ejaculation and help you have better ejaculation control.


While there is no specific time set for how long men should last in bed, porn clips and societal pressures certainly set a terrible precedent. According to a slew of studies, the average lasts about 6 to 10 minutes in bed, in contrast to the hot and steamy sessions that tend to last forever in adult movies.

However, sometimes, due to several physical and psychological factors like penile sensitivity, inflammation of the prostate, performance anxiety, or depression, some men might find it hard to last for even more than two minutes in bed. This is scientifically referred to as premature ejaculation, and it affects about one in every three men.

Luckily, specific home remedies like regular exercise, topical creams, and PE supplements claim to help with premature ejaculation. But do they work? Keep reading to find out more.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of premature ejaculation problems. There are some cost-effective and proven home remedies you can try out. Here are some but a few:

Topical Creams & Sprays: If you are not looking for a permanent fix, you can try over-the-counter topical creams or sprays. These formulas contain numbing agents that help manage premature ejaculation issues by giving you better ejaculation control. Topical sprays also work by reducing hypersensitivity of your penis, allowing you to provide your sexual partner with maximum pleasure.

According to a 2017 Sexual Medicine Study, applying topical anesthetic creams like lidocaine 30 minutes before sex helps increase the time it takes to ejaculate. However, you should ensure to use a condom when using these formulas to avoid transference. Don’t also forget to wash your penis after sexual intercourse.

Zinc and Magnesium Supplements: Zinc not only improves cell growth and but also boosts your immune system. According to the International Journal of Molecular Science, zinc is an essential mineral that helps increase testosterone levels. It might also help improve libido and reduce sexual dysfunction effects, including premature ejaculation.

Magnesium, on the other hand, helps boost sperm production and intensifies your orgasms for an incredible sexual experience. According to the Asian Journal of Andrology, the mineral helps support and improve muscle contraction in the pelvic muscles, allowing for better ejaculation control.

Dietary supplements with L-arginine and Mucuna Pruriens also help offer better ejaculation control. However, with the myriad of PE nutritional supplements, it can be daunting to choose the ideal product. Well, to help, check out every Maxoderm review and find out if the supplement is your best bet.

Climax Control Condoms: If you are not down to changing your diet or using topical sprays and creams, there are extended pleasure condoms that might help increase your ejaculation time.

The products include topical anesthetics that help numb your penis, enabling you to have better ejaculation control. While there might not be adequate clinical trials or scientific proof to show these condoms help manage premature ejaculation, there is proof that benzocaine, an active ingredient in unique condoms, helps men have better ejaculation control.

Pelvic Floor Exercises: Regularly exercising your pelvic floor muscles might also help you last longer in bed. According to studies, performing these exercises help train muscles that allow you to have controlled orgasms. They also help men dealing with premature ejaculation issues have better ejaculatory reflexes.

How to perform these exercises:

  • Lay down
  • Contract your pelvic muscles for about five seconds and then relax for another five seconds. Do ten reps at least three times a day
  • Keep increasing the number of seconds as your pelvic muscles become stronger
  • Be sure to switch your position from laying down to walking and standing
  • Breathe and remember to only focus on the pelvic floor muscles. You’re not trying to get those summer abs, so don’t tighten your abs or thighs

PE Prevention Techniques: Apart from pelvic floor muscle exercises, prevention techniques help boost sexual performance and manage premature ejaculation. Some of the most popular include:

  • Stop-Start Technique – Also referred to as orgasm control or edging, the stop and start technique helps delay ejaculation by drawing out sexual pleasure. So, when you are about to ejaculate, stop having intercourse ultimately. Once the arousal decreased, slowly start having sex again. Repeat this process regularly to help boost your ejaculation control.
  • Pause-Squeeze Technique – This control technique helps manage premature ejaculation by reducing arousal before orgasm. For it to work, when having intercourse, stop and let your partner squeeze the end of your penis where the head joins the shaft. Ensure that they hold the squeeze for about ten seconds until you no longer feel the urge to ejaculate. Repeat the process often, and you will ultimately have better ejaculation control.

Bottom Line

Premature ejaculation can be nerve-wracking for both you and your partner. It destroys your sexual confidence and leads to performance anxiety and, worse, depression.

Fortunately, investing in PE topical creams and top-rated male enhancements, making significant dietary changes, and regularly exercising can help you finally say goodbye to premature ejaculation and other erectile dysfunction issues.

Maxoderm is one of the male support formulas on the market that promise to manage premature ejaculation issues. Maxoderm review postings have several things to say about this product. You can look them up online.

However, before consuming any supplements or applying topical creams, be sure to check with your physician first for the best medical advice. For more such health-related content please, visit Health Web Magazine.


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