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When you move into a new house, there is a lot to handle. Some aspects such as decorating and settling in are more fun than setting up safety measures but you cannot compromise on it! Whether you are living in a safe neighborhood, you have to protect your house from intruders and burglars. Did you know a burglary strikes the houses of the United States every 25.7 seconds? Taking any chance at home security measures can cost you thousands of dollars. So before you can get back to the things you like to do, here are some tips to keep your abode safe.

Inspect The Doors For Any Damages

Doors make up the first line of defense against intruders, the main door being the most important. About 34% of the burglars get in the house from the front door. Inspect the doors for rusted or broke hinges, check the door frames for cracks. Minor issues can be fixed by caulking and insulating the door frames. Leave the rest of the repairs to the professionals. If there is a mail slot, it should be not providing a way to the door lock. Some of the quick reinforcements include installing a deadbolt, strike plates, and upgrade to smart locks.

Rekey The House

If you are moving into a home that someone else used to live in before you, the best approach is to rekey the locks. It is a rather economical security upgrade. All you have to do is to hire a reputable locksmith in your area and ask them to rekey the locks. All of the old keys cannot be used to unlock your house. Those living in houses with sliding doors, know that intruders love them. You can protect by adding a crowbar, a door sensor, and a glass break sensor. It will scare off the intruder! Windows make an integral part of a bright and well-ventilated home. If not properly secured they can give way to burglars too. The manufacturer’s latches are not always effective at protecting your property. One can beef up the security of the house windows by installing more efficient locks and key-operated levers. Home experts suggest the more you invest in securing the windows, the more protected your home is. Add window bars and glass break sensors. Then install a window security film to reinforce the glass panels.

Light Up The House Exterior

Ample outdoor lighting is very effective at keeping the intruders at bay. That’s simply because criminals and burglars don’t like to be in the spotlight. Invest your money in lighting pathways, garage, front yard, backyard, and other outdoor structures. This not only enhances the curb appeal of your house but dissuades away anyone having bad intentions. Your house is much safer for outdoor activities. For those concerned about energy efficiency, use solar-powered lights and set timers on them.

Secure Your Garage Door

 Beef up the security of your home by securing the garage door. It is getting popular as an entryway among criminals. A smart garage door opener can make things easier for you. It’s best if the garage is not attached to other parts of your house.

Install CCTV Surveillance Cameras At The Right Spots

Installing high-quality CCTV surveillance cameras acts both as a deterrent and a means of getting justice if anything unfortunate happens. If you are working with a limited budget, get separate cameras that can be monitored by the homeowners. It is highly suggested to install a camera that is connected with a mobile app so that you keep an eye on your house on the go. You must be able to take the recording to the police in case of a burglary. Some of the most sought-after features of outdoor cameras are weatherproofing, night vision, motion detection, Wi-Fi capability, and two-way talk. One with local or cloud storage can help you avoid issues such as data loss.

Get A Home Security System

Money is not one of the constraints for you, get the best home security system. It has got a lot more than security cameras. There are motion sensors and burglar alarms that can alert you in case of an emergency. If you have opted for that, it can be directly in control of the law enforcement agency so help can arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible.

Reduce Hiding Spaces Around Your Home

Burglars or intruders may spend hours outside waiting for one golden moment when your home is a little less secure. Don’t give them that hiding space. Trim the bushes near the house. If possible, plant prickly bushes near first-floor windows.

Upgrade To Smart Security Features

Smart security features such as automated window blinds and door locks can help you keep your house safe even from a distance. Make the upgrades to beat the modern-day intruders with the best home security.

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