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How about Getting a Cypriot Passport at once to Relocate to the UK?

Thinking of relocating to UK? Well, is it possible with the Cypriot citizenship? Is it anyway true?

Well, yes. Cypriot passport holders have the right to live, work and study in the UK. The citizenship of an European Union member state Cyprus will allow you not only to relocate to the United Kingdom but also apply for the British residency and citizenship, in five and six years respectively. Looking to attend the immigration conference in Asia?

Is it easier than immigrating to the UK with an investor visa?

Well, it is much easier. However, the problem is that the UK immigration rules are very complex and contrasting. Moreover, they also change on the basis of political situation in the country. Practically speaking, the Cypriot citizenship is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to relocate to UK. However, if you are looking to immigrate to any part in Asia, do not forget to attend the immigration conference in Asia.

How much time does it takes to relocate to the UK with a Cypriot Passport?

Well, you don’t have to wait at all and you can relocate to the UK right away- before you get a passport of Cyprus. You can consult lawyers to help you get a tourist visa so that you can enter UK. Post that, citizenship specialists will help you apply for the Cypriot passport that further allows you to live in the UK on a permanent basis.

Since Cyprus is in the EU, would Brexit restrain you from living in the UK with a Cypriot Passport?

No, Brexit won’t. According to the Home Office Rules of EU citizens registration in the UK, if you enter the country before 2022 you will just be required to register online. And once you register, the countdown would start: five years before you can apply for the UK residency and six years before you can request the citizenship.

Most likely, the citizens of Cyprus will be able to register in the UK in the very same manner even after 2022. A former British colony, Cyprus is a member of the British Commonwealth and comes with stronger connections with the UK than any other European country. Therefore, it is advised not to postpone or delay your decision regarding the Cypriot passport. It is recommended to apply for the Cypriot citizenship before Brexit comes into play as the transition period rules might change.

What is involved in the Brexit Transition Period?

The UK authorities declared that they would bring a Brexit ‘transition period’ into effect until December 31, 2020. After winning the election, the Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson clearly stated that the date would not be extended post December 31, 2020.

Therefore, you will be able to receive a Cyprus passport even after the transition period gets over. So if you are planning to relocate to the UK, it is recommended that you begin the immigration process the sooner the better.

How exactly is the Cyprus Passport processed? Is it required to go to Cyprus?

Yes, you need to visit Cyrus but only once. All you need is to provide the biometric data and make the investment. The trip to Cyprus will take around two to five days and the rest can be done remotely. The complete Cypriot citizenship process is fast and straightforward and you will get your passport in 180-220 days.

If you immigrate with the family, you will need slightly more time and hence it is advised to apply the right way. This is particularly applicable to investors who leverage their Cypriot citizenship to relocate to the UK with their children.

So are you ready to relocate to UK?

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