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People commonly use hydrogen peroxide for treating minor cuts, dye their hair or even whiten their teeth. There are some people who claim it that hydrogen peroxide can help in curing cancer.

The claims go back to early 1930s when Otto Heinrich Warburg, a German doctor discovered that the cancer cells grow perfectly without oxygen. Due to this theory, the doctors began to think that low levels of oxygen in the body can lead to the development of cancer cells. After this, the researchers began to believe that if the levels of oxygen are increased in the cancer cells, they can somehow cure cancer. The researchers began to discuss that how can hydrogen peroxide can affect the cancer cells.

The scientists were then carrying out some tests on animals using hydrogen peroxide, which showed favorable results. Most of them also indicated that hydrogen peroxide has limited effects. No matter how limited the results were, the research was very much positive so that one can claim that hydrogen peroxide can cure cancer.

Hydrogen peroxide and cancer:

Hydrogen peroxide encourages the killer cells which attacks the cancer cells throughout the body. The immune system of our body responses, when hydrogen peroxide is released by T-cells and destroys the virus, bacteria, and fungi.

Every cell in the body receives the energy from the result of oxidation. Oxidation is a process used for stopping cancer. It is used to kill viruses. When you are using things like hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet light, ozone in a particular manner that it can be used to fight the cancer cells or stop the production of cells which are unwanted for the body. It is very beneficial to enhance the immune system of the body which can even neutralize toxins and the other things that you might have breathed in. It even neutralizes the toxins which might have entered your body and is harmful to you.

Use the right kind of Hydrogen Peroxide:

When hydrogen peroxide is taken into the body, the amount of oxygen in the body as well as cells increases. Always make a note that hydrogen peroxide is available at the pharmacy, but you have to buy the right kind of it. It shall never be taken orally as it contains various stabilizers. If you have used it, there is only one recommended way which is using the 35% grade of hydrogen peroxide and dilute it down to 3% by using water.

Oxidative therapies and oxygenation are very important for the body, and both of them play a major role in healing the body from cancer. It is your duty to make sure that you are getting plenty of oxygen. You can exercise, go out, you have to keep your lungs clean and make sure that you are taking deep breaths in and out. Taking enough oxygen is going to relax your brain. Having enough amount of oxygen is a way which can help you in healing cancer.

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