How Cloud Telephony is Redefining Your Customer’s Privacy?

Every business wishes to connect with their customers in the best possible way, not only to provide them with an unmatched customer experience but also to expand their existing customer base. Cloud Telephony is one such technology that is helping businesses to a great extent, to connect with their customers. In fact, it has now become an integral part of businesses due to it’s agile way of functioning. And, it provides numerous benefits compared to traditional PBX or EPABX systems. For example, quick, easy-setup, scalability, reliability and detailed analytics of the services used.

So, when so much is happening around Cloud Telephony, securing data and safeguarding customer’s privacy becomes the need of the hour.

Role of Cloud Telephony to safeguard customer’s privacy

Let’s analyze the importance of Cloud Telephony to protect customer’s privacy through examples.

For instance, consider that you ordered a gadget from a popular e-commerce website and the delivery guy is looking for directions to reach you at a convenient time, the role of Cloud telephony becomes significant here. However, before Cloud telephony was used, the agent could see the customer’s number directly which led to unpleasant incidents such as loyal customers of the brand being unnecessarily harassed by the delivery guy.

There have been incidents where cab drivers have harassed customers after completing a ride. This eventually resulted in the dissatisfaction of the customers. To avoid such situations, many of the leading brands switched to use Cloud telephony services. Call masking or Number masking is one of the most crucial solutions offered by Cloud Telephony to protect customer’s identity and mobile number.  This feature will help to connect the customer and the cab driver by masking the customer’s real number and displaying a virtual number which is valid on a temporary basis.  After completing the ride, the respective driver will not be able to contact the customer or create any troubles to the customer.

According to one of the surveys conducted recently,  about 65% of the people felt safe with the number masking option where the agent or delivery person do not have access to their real phone number and can connect through virtual phone number only.

Few other features of Cloud-based phone systems including call barring, call history and authorisation code access ensures that your phone system is secure.

Cloud telephony certainly helps to connect with the customers in a seamless manner and enhances customer satisfaction in turn building brand loyalty. Thus, the trust factor between customers and brands is redefined by Cloud telephony services which acts as the main differentiator to enable customer privacy.

To sum up:-

In the present scenario, cloud computing and it’s services are the talk of the town in the world of businesses amongst which cloud telephony is creating a buzz.  It is the driving force behind delivering high value to your customers and minimizing costs, all at once. Therefore, adopting this technology is vital for the success of your business.

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