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john millerAugust 17, 2021328 min

Creating a room that you genuinely want to rest in entails more than just picking out some comfortable furnishings. It’s equally as crucial to choose the right paint for your walls. It won’t help your stress levels if your walls are dull and dim. For example, purple tiles are one of the most trendings and highly chosen by people in today’s time. However, the shad that you’re choosing really counts which is why you should consider the following mentioned points:

  • Sky Blue

Light blue colors always seem to liven up a space. It’s almost as if you’re looking up into a cloudless sky. What could be more tranquil than that? 

  • Light gray

A light gray is an ideal foundation for a relaxing space. The delicate tint softens a room without being too dark, and it may be adorned anyway you choose.

  • Blush 

Relaxation screams from a blush-painted room packed with plants and natural furnishings. It’s the ideal place to relax and lose yourself in a good book.

  • Pale purple

Purple tiles are a game changer indeed. If you want to move away from neutral colors, a pale purple, such as lavender or lilac, is a great choice.

  • White classic 

White is the hue that best conveys a fresh, clean vibe. 

It sets the tone for the rest of my day.

  • A light shade of green 

The warmth of a gentle green is unrivaled. It’s the essence of stress reduction when paired with neutral bedding and decor.

  • The color deep blue 

This shade of blue is both vivid and relaxing. It’s as if you’re staring directly into the water. It’s even great with the gloss on it.

Also, if you’re constructing a new home, when it comes to the bathroom here are our top two picks for tile and the decor as well:

  • Natural wood, white tiles, and ceramic 

White and wood in the bathroom is a timeless combination that hasn’t gone out of style in decades. This is the characteristic of Scandinavian design, which we adore and joyfully incorporate into our homes. The warm warmth of the ceramic boards is emphasized by the smooth whiteness of the tiles, and the overall effect is usually toasty and hygge. 

There are undoubtedly a plethora of colors, drawings, textures, and wood-imitated tiles that can be set in a variety of styles ranging from classical to Provencal, rustic, retro, shabby chic, deco, modern, industrial, and minimalistic.

  • Purple Tile

Purple tile is an excellent way to give depth to a neutral design plan or to lighten it up. Pay close attention to the color of your purple tile if you want to create a specific mood with it: 

  • Dark purple tile gives a space a mysterious feel and serves as the perfect backdrop for silver and crystal decorations. 
  • A dramatic and edgy statement can be made using neon purple tile.
  • Pair mustard yellows with mid-tone purple tiling to liven up your room.
  • When coupled with hues like chartreuse or aqua, light purple tile tints like lavender and lilac tile give a room a gentle and calming atmosphere or a cheerful vibe. 
  • Claret tile is a blend of raspberry and black that lends depth to a design concept. 
  • The use of African violet tile and other warm purple tones creates a welcoming atmosphere.

john miller

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