TechnologyHow do you troubleshoot your Brother Printer?

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Brother Printer might sometimes reject the printing job or delay the printing due to some technical glitches. The Brother Printer users start to panic when their Brother Printer fails to print documents during an emergency. You might not want to call and spend money on the Brother Printer technician every time your Brother Printer stops working. The best way is to detect the problem with your Brother Printer on your own and perform the accurate troubleshooting method to fix your Brother Printer immediately.

We shall now discuss some of the significant reasons for brother printer not printing and further the steps to resolve these frequently occurring issues.

Major issues of the Brother Printer

  1. Brother Printer is unable to print the documents.
  2. Brother Printer shows an error during the installation process.
  3. Brother Printer is not printing due to the paper jam in the printer’s paper tray.
  4. Brother Printer is not scanning the documents.
  5. Brother Printer is unable to perform the automatic cleaning of the print head.
  6. Brother Printer is unable to connect to the wireless connection.

These are some of the commonly occurring Brother Printer problems faced by Brother Printer users. To resolve these errors, we have penned down a few easy to implement steps.

  1. Check the connectivity of the Brother Printer with the power source.

The primary step to perform the Brother printer troubleshooting is to check if your Brother Printer is connected to the power source. To test this, you should look for the LED lights on your Brother Printer. If the LED light on your Brother Printer is stable, the printer is switched on and is working fine. If the printer lights start blinking, it means that your Brother Printer has some error.

If no lights are turned on even when Brother Printer is connected to the power socket, plug-out and reconnect the power cable immediately.

  1. Checking the PC and internet connection

Ensure that the connection between your system and the internet is safe. If your PC is not connected to the printer, you might face Brother Printer not printing problem. Open all the devices and select your Brother Printer model. Ensure that your Brother Printer’s Ethernet cable is connected correctly, and all the PC and printer settings are accurate. Also, ensure that the Brother Printer is not offline.

  1. Updating the Brother Printer driver

Try downloading the latest version of the Brother Printer driver to your system using the:

  • Utility driver
  • Downloading the Brother Printer driver from the Brother Printer’s official website.
  1. Uninstalling/Reinstalling the drivers

Some Brother Printer users have tried the Brother Printer troubleshooting by uninstalling the Brother Printer driver and then reinstalling it. Uninstalling the Brother Printer drivers help in removing any bugs or technical glitches from the Brother Printer driver. You can reinstall the Brother Printer driver from the official website of Brother Printer.

  1. Deleting the Print jobs

Deleting unnecessary or piled-up print jobs can be one fix for the printing problem of Brother Printer. Tap on the Print Queue button to check the printing jobs in queue for your Brother Printer. Kindly select all the printing jobs and erase them all at once. It will delete the queue and make your Brother ready for the new print jobs.

The tips for troubleshooting your Brother Printer mentioned above will help the Brother Printer users save their time and solve their problems quickly.


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