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This scenario of golf course management is dynamic. If any golf facility does not keep itself updated with the latest turfgrass genetics, mower technology, irrigation system, or how the overall environment has changed, it won’t meet the customer’s expectations. It’s as simple as that.  

However, the question is how to keep ourselves updated and apply those changes in a facility. Let’s take a look. 

The role of a qualified golf equipment manager

One dedicated equipment manager is the most valuable asset of any golf course. Believe it or not, he can give the facility that accomplished status it always strives for. However, the current scenario of golf clubs does not allow them to hire an assistant Golf course superintendent or an equipment manager. 

They try to cut the salary cost without realizing their exponential ability to improve profits. The role of a qualified golf equipment manager is to keep the equipment and turf grass in check, maintain the fleet, improve investment, and reduce cost. Let’s go through his role in detail. 

  • Maintaining the Facility

In the traditional sense, golf course facilities are just barns covering the fleet from extreme conditions. However, the modern scenario calls for a more technical perspective. This is exactly what the equipment manager does. In addition to the traditional form of protecting equipment, the golf course facility must have enough space for preventive maintenance, complementary parts, online control, weather monitoring, lockers, bathrooms, and all the supporting amenities. It’s the responsibility of the manager to keep all these in check. 

  • Equipment Care

Equipment care is one of the most vital elements of any golf course facility. And the golf course manager, it’s the most crucial task to apply the wealth of theoretical knowledge to the practical equipment fleet. Golf course maintenance equipment require regular repair or replacement depending upon their current condition. The sustainability of a golf course largely depends upon the use and care of the fleet of equipment.

For this, the manager must understand the basic engineering, electronics, purpose, and all the features in the equipment. He might suggest second-hand equipment wherever possible. 

  • Turf Conditioning and Sustainability

A golf facility can get carried away with the current health of the turfgrass. However, the real challenge is to continue caring with sustainability in mind. Sustainability in terms of turf, features, and golfers’ expectations. Only a suitable fleet of golf course equipment can help you achieve the target. For example, golf mowers influence the speed of the ball, soil quality, aeration in soil, the mowing intervals, etc. All these variables can only be handled by someone qualified. 

  • Cost-saving

If cost-saving were not the objective, all the above points wouldn’t exist. Putting every equipment to its appropriate use saves cost. However, all this must be done keeping repair and replacement in mind. Calculating the detailed records of equipment helps an equipment manager to save costs. One cannot just keep on repairing the fleet to make their best use. These have to be replaced at specific intervals, which again requires qualitative and quantitative calculations. However, frequent replacement doesn’t help either.

  • Additional Skills and Responsibilities

A Golf course equipment manager is expected to bring a lot to the table. Provided, he has a proficient command over computers and organization. Equipment can influence everything, including turfgrass management, cost-saving, salaried staff, handling competition, maintaining operating conditions, handling the team of technical staff, replacement, and repair of equipment parts with adequate diagnosis, learning from previous mistakes, hiring technicians for fixing issues, etc. The list is endless, the more your equipment manager has, the better it is. 

While understanding these elements in a golf course equipment, one must not neglect the value that a Golf equipment manager brings in the facility. It improves not only the quantitative results but also some qualities embedded like improved morale, more satisfied customers, a better image in the market, and an edge over the competition. 


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