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Behind every internet search, there’s an intention. Whether it’s Google or any other search engine, people are looking for straightforward answers or solutions to their problems. As of today, Google alone processes over 40,000 searches per second, adding up to 3.5 billion searches per day. Seeing these huge numbers, one can imagine the kind of competition the companies are facing today. Obviously, ranking keywords on Google is a tedious task and takes in a lot of efforts. But bear this in mind that all your efforts can be wasted if you’ve chosen the wrong keywords for your website content.

If you really want your website to be discoverable on the search engines, the content should be optimized for the user’s intent. Understanding a user’s intent behind the search queries is very important. Because it helps you optimize your content in just the right manner and gives you better results in less duration.

How To Know The Searcher’s Intent?

Now the question worth asking is “how do you know what your customers are actually looking for?” If the marketers were able to predict what an average potential customer would be searching, it would have been so easy to reach him. Of course, there are still a lot of limitations but the advent of technology has made things simple for the advertisers. It’s now possible to predict precisely what an average customer is going to like and what not.

Advanced marketing techniques like PPC and Remarketing have shown a widespread adoption in cross-industry applications over the last few years. And now that we are dealing with search algorithms like Semantic Search, it becomes uber important to optimize your website content around an intent-based keyword strategy.


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