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Mahmoud ABJuly 4, 2020177 min

A wallet probably doesn’t feel like the most important accessory in your life right now. But if you are going to buy cool wallets for men then it’s a very difficult task the first question comes in mind how do I know which Men’s Wallet to choose? Follow our advice! Sit back, read this article, and you will know which Wallet is right for you! V Four things to consider:

-Type (Form)

-The accessories

-The material

-Your Dress Style

There are many forms of wallets, we present them to you here in order to find your happiness in terms of practicality and of course aesthetics!

1. The Bi-Fold Wallet

With its simple but effective design, the bi-fold wallet or BIFOLD offers space for your credit cards and your tickets. With a classic silhouette, he is known to all. It was the most popular type of wallet for many years! Today, however, the trend is turning to the Trifold; we talk about it later in this article.

The classic silhouette is the most popular, but no obligation to stop there. There are many variations of the two-part wallet, with lots of colors, materials and sizes.

Some bifold even offer two separate bill compartments, in order to have your currencies better organized. Do you want to be sure that you can put your Identity Card and your Driver’s License in it? If the dimensions indicated are 11×9, it fits!

2. The TRIFOLD Wallet

The Portfolio or TRIFOLD is based on the same principle as the 2-part. A little larger than the Bifold, it is the perfect style for a tidy man. This Model has for several years dethroned the Bifold because of its superior capacity.

This article is recommended for men who are always ready to look more elegant and trendy than the others, with an assured practicality.

3. The Long Gentleman Wallet

It is designed to be carried in the inside pocket of your coat or jacket. The construction is a little more rectangular and longer. Inside these Long Wallets you will find multiple slots for credit cards, tickets, identity cards … Many are even large enough to put your Classic Check Book (17.5 x 10)!

With this type of wallet, you will keep your tickets better, because they will not be folded several times. In addition, when you open it, all your cards will be presented clearly, one by one, for easy access.

However, you should not carry it in your back pocket, as it will protrude, which will greatly facilitate the theft of your belongings by pickpockets.

 4. The Zipped Wallet

The advantage of this type of small leather goods is to be able to keep your coins, mens wallet cool, a key, and other small things safe, without fear of them falling here and there and losing them afterwards. In theory, the Zipped Wallet is the one that closes with a zip. In practice, quite often, a person looking for a Zipped Wallet will in fact want a wallet that includes a Zip, but which can just as easily be closed with a press button.

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