UncategorizedHow to buy used Motorcycle? Here’s a guide to avoid scams and regret.

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Motorcycle owners all over the world can agree that there is no greater sense of freedom and thrill than driving a motorbike. If you have already decided that you need a new or used motorcycle, the next question you probably have is whether you should be looking at brand new or used bikes. There is always a certain risk factor involved when you decide to buy a used bike. The harsh reality is that buying a used motorbike can sometimes be a risky endeavor and not everyone can afford a new motorcycle, why most of the ambitious car buyers prefer to purchase used cars. Chances are that inexperienced buyers often become prey of tricky dealers and regret their decisions later.  If you follow these steps it will save you money and valuable time.


There are a number of online selling platforms, such as VolgoPoint B2B Classified, making the process very easy to search used motorcycle in affordable prices. Many dealers in the market might convince you in buying something that is either too expensive or does not fit into your budget. Try to avoid such dealing that’s why I prefer to buy from these online platforms. Simply visit these websites, enter your price range, makes and models and search either these are available in your range. Once you shortlist required car then find out their pros and cons. The major factors to consider are reliability, fuel consumption, resale value and maintenance.


If you are still researching on used Motorcycle and you have plan to go for used then you are the right place we help you at that point. To reduce the risk of purchasing here are 10 points you must take care before buying used :


1-Test and inspect the bike by driving it. If you cannot, ask someone with experience driving motorcycles that you trust to test drive the second hand motorbikes you are interested in. Have them note if the bike drives comfortably and that it is a good fit for you. It may also be wise at this stage to hire a mechanic to inspect the bike to ensure that it is in decent mechanical condition before you purchase it.


2-When test driving the bike, make sure to test the brakes to make sure that the brake discs are still very responsive.


3-Also listen to the exhaust as this will be an indicator of whether the bike was ever dropped, listen for any noises that do not sound normal.


4-Ask for all the relevant documentation and full service history. It goes without saying that you will need to understand how often the bike was serviced. As a general rule of thumb, the more extensive the documentation of service is, the better the quality of the bike.


5-Check the wheels and tyres to make sure they are in good condition and that the bike has quality tyres such as Michelin.


6-Have a look at the paint and seat of the used motorbike for sale. Look out for any seat tears, rust or scratches. While the appearances of scratches may not be a deal breaker, this will help you negotiate with the owner or dealership for a better price.


7-Verify the engine displacement (cc) of the motorcycle so that you get the right amount of power for your needs


8-Look out for any modifications carried out on the motorbike, stolen motorbikes are often altered to appear different from how they were originally – and you definitely do not want to purchase a stolen motorcycle.

9-Research the market price of the second hand motorcycles you are buying, if it is being sold at a price significantly below its market price, this should raise a few alarm bells.


10-Lastly, make sure you carry out research on the price of replacement parts for the used bikes you are interested in.


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