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Wall hangings, arts and photos can always be a stylistic icing on the cake when one is decorating at their home. Wall art is needed because it draws everyone’s eyes and pulls together the space, making the home look even better.

If one decides to buy wall decor online then at first one needs to be very sure of the fact that whether they want to install it or not and if yes, where they want to install it. Though there is not set of rules in place for adorning a home one needs to follow a few basic instructions so that one can land up on selecting the perfect piece. One can go by the theme, style, colour and floor plan of the room when they are buying a wall art.

  • When one is going to buy a wall art and they want it to be perfect then one can select anything they like. Select a piece which makes one feels relaxed and enjoyed. If one does not feel the same buy seeing an art then they should not hang it. One should feel better after hanging the art on the wall. If that does not happen then there is no point in buying that art. Though some may think of making compromises in a wall art selection but one should not go for an art which does not suit their style. It is your home and the art work should make toy feel at ease.
  • When one is going for wall art then it becomes difficult to choose a piece if they are not sure about the sizing. So, one should be clear about the size of the art before they select it. One should never make a quick selection and take time to go with it. One should also have a very clear idea of wall art sizing. If the art is oversized then these parts are 100 cm in length or more than that. One can only accommodate to a room if the room is large enough to hold such big art pieces. But when they are hanged the can be the focal point of the room. If the frame size is large, then it is about 80 to 100 cm in length. These large wall arts can also serve as a centre piece and can be balanced easily on either side with mini pieces of art. When it comes to medium art, it is 60 to 70 cm long and they can serve as a standalone piece in a wall. Many room decor ideas call for a medium wall hanging and they can serve the purpose well. Small hangings are perfect above shelves, pieces of furniture and on short walls. They can be hanged in groups of 3 to 6 hangings.
  • When one is putting up a wall decor at a living room then it should not be more that two third longer than the sofa. The art should be at least 15 cm above the piece of the furniture.

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