Digital MarketingHow to Choose Best SLD and TLD?

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If you are thinking to start a website, many questions may come to your mind:

  • Which domain name should I use?
  • Should I .com or .org or should I try .biz?


Brief about TLD and SLD

  • Top level domain (TLD)-It is the main domain around the web. Thankfully there are many top-level domains to choose from, but not all of them rank globally. Most preferred ones are “.com,” “.org,” “.net,” etc.
  • Second level domain (SLD)-It is the domain name that we purchase from a web-hosting provider. For instance, the SLD is https://SLD (second-level-domain).TLD (top-level-domain)


How Should You Choose The SLD?

A big challenge these days is to find a second-level-domain. Here are some considerations that you need to keep bear in mind:


Target the Keyword

You can use a keyword in the domain name, although it may not boost the rankings, it is still useful as it can make your site more relevant. When you search for a keyword, and if it is there in the domain, the search engine will highlight it in the bold.


Include the Brand Name

There are many instances where the brand is not the keyword. Then some companies are lucky to have the brand name as the target keyword, or vice-versa. However, you should choose the brand over keywords.


The Shorter, the Better

In a study, it was found that the most popular site sites have just six characters in their domain name. It means that one or two words are good enough. Use a domain name generator to find one for yourself.


What About The Best TLD?

The number of top-level domains has gone up significantly. Here are some tips that you can choose for the best TLD.


Country Specific

If you want to tap a specific market, for instance, India, you can use the extension “.in” for best results.  It will help you have a geo-specific extension that will help you rank for specific countries where people are inclined to choose a local link.  It is suggested that you use “ccTLD” over a “gTLD” as the search engine may not see you targeting a specific location.


Industry Specific

With so many TLDs, you can even make your domain name specific to the industry that you are in. Here are some examples that you make things more understandable:

  • For an AI company, you can use the “.ai”
  • For an educational company, you can use “.edu”


Use “.com” Instead

Millions of website across the world use “.com” and it more valued than their “.net” and the “.org” counterparts. So besides using a geo-specific or industry-specific extension, you should always use a “.com” TLD.


How these affect SEO?

There are more than 200 factors in Google’s algorithm, and the domain name is just one of them.  It has hardly any effect on SEO, but they affect in the following ways:

  • Relevant domain names build a reputation and increase authority.
  • Keywords make it relevant for the search.
  • Help you reach the right audience.



You can use a domain name generator to find the best SLD, but only with the right TLD, it will be more relevant and effective.


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