Tips and TricksHow to choose the best secondary school for your child

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With the completion of primary school, it’s time to think about the next phase, which is secondary school. High school is vital, for it sets the stage for the rest of your child’s academic and professional future. The key to choosing your child’s high school lies in understanding your child’s needs and preferences. With an abundance of options, parents are in between options, which isn’t the best environment for their children. Here are a few factors to guide you to help and ease the burden of choosing the right high school for your child.

Tips on how to choose the best secondary school for your child

1. Start Selection Early

It’s essential to start looking at secondary schools early because you will have more time to do enough research. This will allow you to get enough time to prepare your child for the transition and get the school of your choice. Generally, parents start looking around for the best secondary school in Singapore when their kids are in Grade 5. But, this isn’t set in stone, so don’t be afraid to start your search earlier. In fact, the earlier, the better. It would be great if you have an idea of the school you want your kid to go to, whether it’s a private, state, or international school. This will allow you to apply early and have your kid on the waiting list at several schools when they are relatively young so you can weigh your options and choose the best one.

2. Do Your Research

Doing your research on programs offered by several campuses will help you pick schools that match your child’s interests and strengths. For example, some secondary schools in Singapore offer language programs, art, music classes, and a wide range of sporting activities. This will help your child broaden his or her learning and apply knowledge in real-life situations. A secondary school with the right facilities will help grow and develop their talents. For example, if your child loves swimming, you should consider picking a school with a swimming pool to cater to this need.

3. Look at Academic Programs

In some cases, the choice of a high school may be dependent on the syllabus your child followed in primary school, and the one available in your desired secondary school in Singapore. There are different academic programs offered in other countries. For example, most secondary schools in Singapore offer advanced placement or the International Baccalaureate program. As a parent, you are versed in what your child needs to reach their full potential in academics and extracurricular activities. Also, it depends on the primary school they attended and what curriculums were offered there.

4. Consider Your Child Needs and Interests

Anyone will do well working on something they are passionate about, and this applies to children too. Some children, they work well in a structured environment while others do it under minimal supervision. As a parent, it’s advisable for you to look at the curriculum and disciplinary policies to determine if the climate will fit your child. You should look at factors such as if the school encourages teamwork and if they are keen on developing talents and hobbies. Also, find out if the school is doing everything to help children learn despite their backgrounds, disabilities, or learning styles.

5. Determine Your Child Learning Style

As a parent, you are well versed in your child’s learning style since you’ve been with them throughout primary school. It’s important to know if your child is a visual or auditory learner and works well individually. Or does your child have learning disabilities that will need to be addressed? If so, you should go to schools offering specific programs for that particular learning style. If it’s possible, talk to parents and students to find out how the school performs. Also, go for a curriculum that fits your child’s needs.

6. Observe School in Action

Once you have made your choices to a handful of schools, plan visits to see the school environment. It’s always good to visit the school on regular class day, to see how teachers interact with students in class and how students relate with each other during breaks. Make sure during your visit, you see the classrooms and meet some of the faculty members and general staff. You should be allowed to visit the principal and get a good idea of the learning environment. Don’t forget to ask for brochures to know how much it will cost to enroll your child there. Lastly, ask for the performances of previous years to evaluate their academic prowess.

Finding the right secondary school is essential for ensuring your child starts on the right foot with his academic or professional career. Don’t a secondary school in Singapore that’s a mile from home so your child doesn’t have to spend hours in traffic on their way to and from school. The tips listed will help you make a good effort to find the best school that fits your child’s needs.


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