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Digital media are of considerable support for B2B companies such as B2C, but also individuals. Today, given the technology boom, the web 2.0 revolution and above all the added value provided to businesses, many players are trying as best they can to offer digital services to these large, small and medium-sized businesses.

Whether these are agencies, start-ups, firms or freelance consultants, there is no shortage of offers. Only, it is important, even vital, to know how to choose your digital marketing agency. agency’s portfolio will help you achieve the goals set for your different projects.


In general, we know what marketing means and besides, it is common to see even on the street ordinary people name it. According to Wikipedia, marketing is defined as “a communication and sales technique which consists of disseminating a personalized and incentive message to a target of individuals or companies, to obtain an immediate and measurable reaction”. We also speak of traditional marketing or “outbound marketing”.

Digital marketing is, therefore, a set of marketing techniques and methods used on digital media and channels (Web, e-mail, social networks, mobile). That said, digital marketing also brings new levers and new areas.

Choosing your digital marketing agency allows you to put these techniques and strategies at your disposal on digital media. The different levers activated by digital marketing are:

  • Email marketing;
  • Display advertising;
  • SEO referencing ;
  • Search engine marketing (natural referencing + commercial links);
  • Data analysis;
  • Affiliation;
  • Conversion and attribution issues;
  • Content marketing;
  • Social and viral marketing;
  • Mobile marketing etc.

It is therefore important for the client to know how to choose their digital marketing agency. And to choose wisely, there are various steps.


Determining its objectives and knowing its means remain two stages which condition the meticulous choice of its agency.

Above all, you need to identify your business objectives. This already lets you know if you need a digital marketing agency to reach them. What do I want by contacting a digital marketing agency? should be a question to which you will already have one or more answers.

First, we may want more visibility. Having more visibility allows your business to open up to Internet users and allow them to have your contact details. But also to present your products and services or your news to them. Having good visibility can also generate interest among future customers. And in this, an agency will have to carry out referential, editorial or even community actions.

Second, you may want to improve brand awareness. We want it because perhaps its competitors are ahead of several elements. Competitors develop their networks and gain notoriety where you lose ground. This is the situation you want to remedy. Digital marketing can be very useful in this case.

The objectives of a business are diverse and varied. But in order not to get lost, you must determine them in a SMART way. This means that the objectives must be:

S – specific clear and concise.

M – measurable qualitatively and quantitatively

A – so acceptable achievable;

R – elevating or relevant;

T – Time-related or time-bound.

Also, you must know how to correlate your needs with your resources.



This question is also fundamental in choosing your digital marketing agency. This will allow you to make an inventory of your budget or your human and material resources. The best advice is to determine a budget commensurate with your needs and not a haphazard budget. The question of resources goes beyond the monetary framework because the human factor is included.

A company that has efficient human resources in digital marketing does not necessarily need a digital marketing agency unless it wants to outsource one of its services. This is also the case for companies that are evolving in digital. They no longer need training for their human resources so that they can take charge of their needs. However as digital marketing is new, we should have a careful look at training providers in the field



The skills of web agency staff are very important. They are the guarantors of the expertise that the agency offers to its clients. Also, having an idea of the agency’s skills will help you see if they are correlated with the objectives you have set. And so, it is important during an agency meeting, and after the presentation of your project to ask yourself various questions.

This will allow you to gauge their understanding of your project and the issues it covers for you and your business. As said above, digital marketing also covers certain fairly technical areas that require real expertise. Entrusting your project to a certified agency offers more assurance. Among the certifications that can be found in the sector, we can cite Google Partner (Analytics-Adwords), Inbound Hubspot Marketing Credential, Facebook Partner, Twitter Flight Training, Prestashop Partner …


In the first paragraphs of this article, we talked about the importance of determining your goals. It is important to verify that the offer we are offering meets your expectations. The Li Creative Technologies will guide you on your future choice. It will be a question of taking two or three agencies and of making a comparative study of the actions carried out on their achievements. It is necessary to dwell on the achievements of the agency.


A good service is always billed at its height because it takes into account the expertise of the agency, but also the years of experience of the professionals who will work on your projects. This is why you must have pricing aligned with your budget. Therefore, do not forget to calculate the time that will be allocated to your project.

And to have the best rate, you must preselect agencies and make requests for quotes or solicit offers then compare them, and in proportion to your expectations, the time to devote to it and the budget you have. However, having the lowest rate does not mean that it is the best offer. Making a qualitative choice is always profitable.


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