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Moving into a new space are equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking, you want everything to be perfect, from the location and the layout to the amenities and, of course, the overall price. But before finding your dream apartment for rent and signing a contract, there are a handful of crucial questions you must answer. Can you really afford it? Is there a hidden fee? Is it close enough to work or school?

With so many details to consider, it can be easy to lose track. So let us serve as your guide for finding your ideal apartment for rent.

-Before you begin your search, sit down and list all the things you want and need in an apartment

-Keep yourself organized during your search to narrow down the list for the perfect place

-Gather all the materials you’ll need to get approved to rent in advance, so you’re ready to fill out a rental application on the spot

Finding a good apartment for rent is a completely subjective process. What’s ideal for you in terms of size, location and amenities might not work for someone else. Because the search for a new apartment is so subjective, it’s important to know how to find your best fit.


Sitting down to review your finances before apartment hunting is imperative. Calculate what you can afford in rent after taking into consideration your other costs of living.

Make sure to budget for the first month, last month and security deposit you’ll most likely get asked to pay upfront. Setting a realistic budget for rent now will prevent you from falling in love with an apartment you can’t actually afford.


Location is quite possibly the most important aspect to consider before committing to a property. If you’re looking to be near your job, school or family, make sure the site of your soon-to-be space is either a short drive away, within walking distance, or close to public transportation.

3-Parking and transportation

Always an important part of a good apartment, you should note when looking at listings whether parking is available on-site. If not, you may want to call and ask how close and accessible street parking is near the building.

A perfect apartment doesn’t include a long walk from your parking spot. If you don’t have a car, it’s good to note how close to public transportation a potential apartment is. The listing may include this information or you can do a quick check on a map.

These three points are very important to find good apartment for rent. In last we suggest you to go for Volgopoint B2B Classified; it can be a goldmine of low-cost opportunities. While you’ll find plenty of big apartment complexes on there, you’ll also find private owners subletting their homes and landlords renting out their properties.

You can usually find homes with more square footage and features, like a backyard or a private pool, for less money than you would spend if you signed a lease with a traditional apartment.

If you go this route, don’t meet up with the landlord alone, for safety reasons. Moreover, while it may seem obvious, tour the place in person and make sure the keys work; many people have sent security deposits without seeing the homes, only to find that it was a scam. Volgopoint B2B Classified can be a great resource for affordable rentals, but caution and due diligence is necessary.


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