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Have you decided to move to a new location? If yes, then, hiring man and van is a worthy service that you can consider. Such a service is reasonable and will save you from the hassle of moving your possessions.

What is the Cost of Man and Van?

Man and van Northampton can offer a real value of your money for small moves. The service has reasonable rates for moving some furniture items or even moving the possessions of a two-bedroom flat.

Man and van Services

Here are some factors that affect the prices of man and van service:

  • Amount of items
  • The number of vehicles used
  • Hourly rate
  • Toll prices
  • The distance of moving to a new address
  • Additional services like packing

Each company offering man and van service will charge differently, so you can find variability in their prices. However, if you want to know some basic idea about their service cost, here is the average of their rates (charge for an hour with a minimum two hours of work)

Type of Van 1 Man 2 Men 3 Men 4 Men
Transit Van £40 £50 £70 £90
Luton Van £50 £60 £85 £100
Luton Lorry £90 £105 £120 £135

Self-Driven Man and Van Rental Rates (Daily)

Type of Van Loading Capacity Price Range
Luton 15.1 m3 £85 – £108
Luton Lorry 26.3 m3 £128 – £178
Medium Wheel Base 8 – 10.4 m3 £43 – £53
Long Wheel Base 12 – 14 m3 £63 – £85

If you search wisely, you can find professionals who are ready to work at a fixed price in place of hourly rental. This can be suitable for you if you want to quickly get the work and that too within your budget. There are some man and van companies or individuals who have a minimum charge. Generally, this is two hours of work. So, inquire about this as well while looking for a reasonable service.

Easily Hire the Best-Suited Man and Van Service

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to make the right choice among so many man and van companies. So, how you can choose the best service provider? By sending quotations, you’ll be able to get detailed information about such services and then compare them easily. When you have all the prices for relevant work in front of you, easily figure out the right service provider that matches your specific requirements.

Take a Look at the Services of Man and Van

Instead of larger moving service providers, man and van providers are flexible in their moving projects. They usually deal with home moves but can give you other moving services as well.

Here Are the Types of Services That You Can Get From Man and Van:

  • Office Removals
  • House Removals
  • Storage facilities
  • Furniture transport
  • Packing and supplies
  • Waste disposal
  • Piano transport
  • Collection of items and their delivery

There are some man and van companies ready to go beyond their limit and help you more than just home removals. Their services of pickups and deliveries are highly commendable and it is easy to safely move your items from their expertise.

As per the moving work, man and van companies have relevant types of vehicles. Their loading capacity also varies that can decide how much items you can move safely. For example, if you bought a dining table that doesn’t require a heavy vehicle to move, you can get man and van service to transport it. A personalized hourly rate of such service is suitable for smaller moves.

Transit Insurance in Van Hire Service

Ensure to check out whether the particular company is offering transit insurance or not. It is an essential aspect because insurance coverage can help you recover any loss that may occur during the move. Van hire in Northampton can become successful only when all the relevant aspects for the safety are taken into consideration very carefully. The insurance coverage can help you in recovering any damage to your possession in monetary form.

How Man and Van Removal Can Be Helpful for You?

Hiring a man and van removal service has so many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • Moving vans are affordable and quick. A moving van is good for handling smaller furniture.
  • Man and van proprietor know very well how to safely load light and heavy belongings and move them to another destination safely. After accessing your possessions, the moving specialist will figure out how everything will fit into the vehicle.
  • Ensure to hire the right removal specialists and they will work hard and smart for you. All the loading and unloading of your possessions will be done smoothly. A quality moving experience that you can get by useful lifting movers is going to safely transit your relevant possessions.

Tips to Hire a Suitable Man and Van Service

Though man and van companies are affordable, you need to still examine their services cautiously. As you are going to hand over your valuable possessions in their hands, it becomes essential to evaluate their services properly to get the best deal. Let’s have a look at some of the suitable tips to get the right move:

  • Get complete information about the man and van. Ask your family or friends if they have experience of dealing with such service providers. Reviews matter a lot that you should get from trustworthy sources.
  • Decide the amount of work you want. If the work is less and you can also help in loading and unloading, you can save your money. Ask your friends or family members if they can also help in this process. This way, you can hire customized man and van service and save your bucks.
  • Cross check the insurance for transportation. The insurance coverage is essential to safeguard your costly items and recover money in case any mishap happens.
  • Calculate the distance of the place where you want to move your possessions. This is important to figure out an hourly based service to get a better deal.
  • Know how much you need to pay for moving service. Will it be an hourly service or a fixed amount? The preferable cost will safeguard your money and give you the most expected result.

Act as a wise person, evaluate all the pros and cons of man and van service providers and then only hire anyone of them to move your possessions conveniently.


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