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Beautiful skin white and smooth like a child an open look little or no detail slightly pink cheeks and soft lips. The no make-up is the new trend of spring/summer 2018. It is a simple and natural makeup without forced three-dimensionality that carefully recreated through the technique of contouring a makeup made of light colors and hardly perceptible enriched with small details that go to emphasize the upper part of the face by lending a particular attention to the eyes and eyebrows.


It is very simple to realize precisely because as it is not very elaborate it does not require any particular technique to be developed and can also appeal to women who do not like makeup or have little time to do so. First of all the skin must look as fresh and natural as possible healthy and free from imperfections. This is possible if you can establish a routine skincare devoting part of your time to skin care by using face mask masks. This look requires a light base and the easiest way to achieve an imperceptible and homogeneous result is to choose the BB cream formula preferably in the same color as your complexion or you risk the mask effect.

If your face has imperfections such as spots or skin spots you can cover them with a concealer according to professional makeup artist. To add a touch of color to the face it is enough to apply a veil of pink blush but it is absolutely necessary to avoid lands bronzer and illuminants with a super-glow effect.

One of the peculiarities of this trick is to emphasize the gaze opening it with good mascara that goes to lengthen and separate the eyelashes and extending it with the so-called cat-eye the eyeliner with a defined and pointed line. One should never forget the eyebrows which are essential to fill the eye. From the thick and elongated tract the eyebrows will help to give energetic charge to the expression of the eyes as well as to the whole face.

How to complete the look? Covering the lips with cocoa-butter with a transparent gloss or with a pink lipstick

Eyeliner and oil-green metallic eyeshadows pearly lipsticks in shades of pink gold and burgundy blush.


The play of colors strong contrasts and soft nuances tone on tone will become our favorites but be careful they are to be matched not only to the dress but also to the complexion the eyes and hair.


Next summer there will be a lot of pearly colors from nude which remain a must to the most pop colors strong and iridescent. The must have colors are magenta shades of reds that go well with all types of eyes. But also the greens from oil to lawn green for cheeky and fun looks and cooler greens like jungle green to combine with sophisticated outfits.

Eyeliner or eye shadow? The must-have is the eyeliner but also the cream eye shadows will become a seasonal makeup trend with metallic finish and in shades of gold and earth. The effect of the metallic cream eyeshadow?


If we keep a strong color on the eye then the mouth must be bare. But the must-have super pearly colors. The top will be the golden orange-colored lipsticks much warmer tones than in the past season. The metallic colors very full. You can also use a pearly lipstick as a base and a gloss as a top coat to give the glossy finish or ask for on demand beauty services.


Contouring yes or no? Yes but softer than last year: it softens it’s more natural. The product is applied the other way round: first a foundation of 2 shades darker than the complexion on the whole face then the light parts are recreated. So nuance comes out softer. finally the illuminant to sculpt the cheeks.


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