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Chain link fences are really common in certain places. It was originally designed to protect commercial or industrial properties. But with time common people are also using chain link fences. These fences have mild electric supply through them. Hence it is extremely beneficial to keep animals and trespassers away.

Earlier chain link fences were made with plain wires. Then came the galvanized chain-link fences. After demands for better quality products increased the PVC and vinyl coated chain link fences were developed. These fences are durable and easy to maintain. Also, the coated chain link fences are coloured in different colours- blue, green or black. This gives a decorative touch to the fences and makes them look good.

Chain link fence is easy to clean and you can clean the fences on your own or you may ask help from a professional. It all depends on you.

 How to maintain

Chain link fences are also prone to damage. The wires become weaker with time. But proper maintenance can keep them in good condition for a longer period.

Some maintenance tips-

  • Always check the fences after the season changes of=r after a regular interval. If you see any visible damages then try to repair the damage as soon as possible. Chain link fence manufacturers in India and other countries often assist this matter.
  • Check the upright posts and supporting posts. Check if there are signs of any wear or tear. Since these posts are made of metal, they are prone to rust. If they are not connected to the ground they might get shifted with time and season. If they have shifted, install the posts in their right places.
  • Uncoated chain links get rusty easily. Hence, always try to invest in PVC or vinyl coated chain links. If you do have uncoated chain links then try to check if they have become rusty. Uncoated chain link fences must be replaced after a certain time.
  • If the fence catches dirt or garbages, clean them.
  • Chain link fences may get damaged if something heavy and large falls on them. Hence, if trees have felled upon your fences or there was a heavy snowfall, try to remove the tree trunk or snow as soon as possible. This will allow you to maintain the fence.
  • Always check your chain link fences after the winter. This helps you to determine the damages and repair cost.
  • Try to replace the wires according to the experts’ advice.
  • If you are confused about repairing the fence by yourself then you may contact a professional. The trained experts will be able to clean the fence thoroughly.
  • Try to arrange an annual examination by a trained fencing expert. This will help you in the long run.
  • If you have kids or pets then try to train them so that they remain safe.

Usually, chain link fences are economical and long-lasting. The fences are also easy to clean. With proper Maintainance, you will be able to save a lot of money.


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