How to Maintain Curly Hair

How to Maintain Curly Hair For Beautiful Results

The secret of knowing how to maintain curly hair lies in learning a few simple things that can be done to naturally straighten your locks. The hair loss problem can be avoided by these simple things you can do to help your locks.

Hair is normally divided into three parts, the roots, the cortex and the ends. You should know how to maintain curly hair by getting a clean cut each time you put your hair up for a blowout or just after washing your hair.

First, wash your hair with a good quality shampoo and conditioner, don’t wash your hair with normal shampoo or you’ll only damage it further. Choose an all-natural, completely hair-friendly shampoo and conditioner because the only thing that could possibly harm your hair is actually not cleansing it right. Every time you blow-dry your hair make sure to leave it wet for about a minute or so then towel dry and lay down with your hair up.

Next, massage your scalp using warm, but not hot, oils such as avocado oil, jojoba oil or Shea butter. Applying moisturizers right before washing your hair can help the follicles to fully recover from the shampooing process. This will help your hair to be fully nourished. After massaging your scalp a bit massage your scalp a few times using conditioner or oils.

After towel drying your hair let it stay damp but not wet then brush it gently but firmly and evenly. Doing this can be very difficult and time consuming if you do it just once or twice a week but over time it will become second nature to you.

Washing your curly hair will keep it moisturized. Keeping your curly hair moisturized will help it get rid of any tangles which can cause breakage or pull.

On cold days, take your hair out of your wet hair dryer for a few minutes to let it cool down, then put it back into the dryer for another five minutes to add even more heat to it. While your hair is in the dryer you want to work on curling it, this will soften it and give it a smoother look.

When brushing your hair, you want to use a wide-tooth comb with your fingertips, using your fingers will just mess up your hair and cause additional tangles. This is one of the secrets to how to maintain curly hair and increase volume of hair.

Many individuals are not aware of how to maintain curly hair, you can only really have long, straight hair if you never let it relax and let it air dry. If you do not let your hair dry on its own without any extra conditioner or lotion, it will only start to shrink and become frizzy.

When people first start using this all-natural hair straightening treatment, they find themselves spending even more money for moisturizing products that they can’t afford, you can do it yourself! If you find a good company that produces and sells a great product that can also be used on wet hair, it would be a lot cheaper to buy than to pay out the nose to the manufacturer.

The secret of knowing how to maintain curly hair lies in making your curls last longer by maintaining the moisture and conditioning your hair. Do not neglect the parts of your head that you think are not required for good hair; learn how to keep your hair healthy, prevent any further damage and keep your curls from going out of style.

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