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Researchers have utilized the utilization of man-made consciousness to distinguish how malignant growth advances. This will help doctors to start the most effective treatment for patients at best cancer hospital in delhi.

The team of London’s Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and University of Edinburgh has teamed up with a new technique – Revolver (Revolution Evolution of Cancer) During the cancer, this technique records changes in DNA patterns and uses this information to understand future genetic changes. Researchers say that frequent changes in tumor were a major challenge in the treatment of cancer. A cancer can be a ‘drug resistant’ i.e. the effect of the drug on cancer is stopped.

However, if the doctor can find out how the tumor develops, they can begin the treatment even before it grows or before it becomes a drug resistant. The team also got a connection between repeated changes in the tumor and the survival of cancer. With this technique, the repetition pattern of DNA changes can help in the detection of cancer, and then the treatment will be accordingly.

For example, researchers found out that such breeding tumor in the P53 protein genocide which prevented the tumor is missed, after which there is a change in chromosome 8, such patients will be less able to survive. Research team has created a new mechanism that tells the tumor information of patients of the same type. Researchers used 768 tumor samples of 178 patients of previous studies for lung, breast, kidney and intestinal cancer, and used data for each tumor to detect cancer and compare changes in cancer.

By detecting patterns and linking them with information available on cancer biology, scientists can detect the development of tumor.

Cancer Trump Card

  • This research has been published in ‘General Nature Methods’.
  • The head of this research team, Dr Andrea Sottorivah, said that this technique is expected that doctors will be able to remove the ‘trump card’ of cancer, that is how difficult it is to know how cancer will grow.

He stated, “This strategy will help shortly of things to come and intercede just at the underlying phase of malignant growth, discover what will occur in disease.” Professor Paul Vermain of the Institute of Cancer Research stated, “The advancement of malignant growth was the greatest test in our treatment for us”

“If we can already know how tumor increases, then we can make necessary changes in the treatment even before the drug resistance becomes, one step ahead of the cancer.”

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