order things from China

How to order things from China?

It sounds fancy when you order online especially when you are placing an international order. That is why take extra precautions and involve in the buying process making sure that everything goes well. You are not only interested in the product you, are paying for for, but this entire ordering process is exciting too.

When it comes to China and online shopping, it is the pioneer in international shopping and has set the marks in international online shopping. According to a research the china has become of the largest countries that are shipping products worldwide and it is leading the international market at the same time.

Since everyone else is shopping from China, why not give it a try and order something from there, but wait! What do I need? How does this process take place?

Here are the complete details of ordering things from China and online shopping process:

1.    China is one of the best options:

China is offering very competitive rates and a huge range of products at the same time. That is why it is one of the best places for online shopping. Not only it is the best option, but it ships your order in almost every part of the world so there is no worry while placing an order but you might have to wait a bit depending on the shipment process.

2.    Do a little window shopping:

If you have something in mind or even not, you have to do a little research before place your order. You can use Google or any search engine along with the product name and China to see the results or else use any Chinese sourcing websites to check product description, prices and details.

3.    Dig a little deeper:

There is no need to stick to one site and the most popular one. Many other companies and websites are providing much cheaper rates than the big names to attract the customers. That is why once you have made our mind, dig more and compare the rates on other websites, offers, free shipping, return policies, discounts, sales and many more. You might end up buying the same product in the much better deal and rates.

4.    Check if your supplier is reliable or not:

As much as online shopping is growing so is the scamming is increasing that is why always buy from reliable suppliers, sourcing site, manufacturer or website. Well checking the reliability of the supplier can consist of several steps but it is good to take them and make sure that your money is safe especially when you are placing any big orders.

5.    What do you need to shop from China?

Now once you have decided to buy a particular product, what else do you need?

  • Shipping account with any courier company. Most of them allow free sign up as well
  • Credit card and its details
  • Or any online payment account like pioneer or PayPal.
  • Money (obviously)

6.    Get a sample first:

If you are placing any big orders, it is good to ask for a sample first. Some companies provide free samples while some ask for full or half payment. It is ideal to get samples for checking the quality and quantity of the products that is why before placing your order you can always ask for a sample first.

7.    Placing your order:

Placing an order can be easy but always keep your budget in mind. You can choose your currency to see the conversion in your local rates before placing your order. Also, a select number of articles, size, and color; delivery time and total amount when you are ordering online from China.

8.    Contact details and payment:

Once you have all the things which you require to place an order now, you need to buy it. Go through all the details and add the product in your cart, add any discount codes if you have and check out. Before checking out, they will ask for your credit card or online payment details so that you can pay through it. Now you have to add your delivery details to get the product delivered wherever you like.

  • Provide your full name and address
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number so that Courier Company will contact you.

9.    Shipping, taxes, other details:

Once you have placed an order, the website will also show you how much money you have to pay as shipping and taxes include with it. That is why if you have to add the details separately, please provide that and check the days it requires to deliver your order and the cost you have to pay.

10.     Receiving, satisfaction or claiming refunds:

You can ask for your shipping tracking from the website if you have not received any information or order on time passed.

You have to check the order and make sure that you have received everything in its best condition. Also, check the quality and number of articles you have an order or else get your money back by claiming the refunds from the website according to their replacement and refund policy.

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