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Startups are on the rise these days and it is present in the entire marketplace and everywhere. Students across colleges and university are advised not look forward to graduating and instantly looking for a job but rather to work as much as possible to make name for themselves by giving their time to innovation and startups.

Today, stories of successful entrepreneurs and business owners are coming on the front page of every magazine and newspaper, which encourage more people to innovate and come up with new ideas.

The technological breakthrough is something that could transform the entire world and provide more opportunity to people. That’s the reason more funds and resources are being made available to start a new venture or startups.

But there are some untold truths about startups. Starting and maintaining a startup is not as easy as many successful entrepreneurs make it look.  As the numbers of avenues who provide funds to startups to emerge and grow have increased, there are some difficulties that still persist. As an aspiring business owner, you should be ready to expect some hiccups and stumbles.

Challenges Faced By Startups


This is one of the biggest issues faced by a startup. It remains one of the major issues that an emerging business faces. Every investor like to put their money somewhere they know it will be safest. Hence, they invest their money in already established businesses and startups. It is logical from the investors’ point of view; at the same time, it also limits the number of successful businesses.

Truly, there are some startups today if they got sufficient fund, they can become a big name in their field. However, they lack the fund because of the investor’s unwillingness to invest their money.

But there is another way to get funding for your startups. You can get a no credit check loans with no guarantor from any marketplace lender to bridge your funding gap. This will ease your financial problem.

Paucity of Innovation

The desire to build startups and make quick money has sadly created a few norms in our mind. Most startups are simply a replica of old startups. Innovation and creativity are completely lacking in today’s aspiring business owners. When they showcase their ideas to investors and client, they hesitate to invest the money as they don’t see any new things in their ideas.

So in order to get funding for your startup, you should come up with your own innovative and unique ideas, something which makes you stand out from the other players. People generally copy the ideas already available in the market. The aftermath of this is compromised innovation.

Impractical Goal

It is always beneficial to set goals for your business. It provides your business a direction and means of determining the growth of your business. It helps you to assess the success of your business.

In running a startup, it is vital that your business either surpass or at least meet the goals set by you. It indicates that your startup is on the right track of success. Most startups do mistakes in this part of setting a goal. Most of the times, startups set unrealistic goals.

For consistency, it is important to set high goals but that should be feasible and attainable for you.


Decision-making challenge is faced in a business involving multiple partners. While the partnership is good from the capital point of view but since these partners come from different background and have different business opinions.

These opinions have an immense effect on decision making.

When you are running a startup, it is important to make a decision fast. Some partners will hesitate to take certain risks while some will be willing to go ahead. A partnership can become a hurdle in this situation because no decision can be taken without the consent of all stakeholders.

Hence, it is important that you get used to making a decision fast and quick.

Employee Selection

No matter how great you are in managing your business, sooner or later your business will grow and you will need a team of expert to help you. Finding the right team who can work for you can be a little challenging. You have to select people who are as passionate as you are and who has the capability to handle the difficulties that come with the job.

The right person can help you. So choosing the right person must be done carefully. You should be biased while selecting an employee for your startup. Always go for the best candidate.



These were the few obstacles which aspiring business owners should take care of while thinking about starting a new business. And as far as funding is concerned, you can get a cheap loan from any online lenders in the UK to fulfill your financial needs. Always try to think something out of the box and innovative ideas.


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