TechnologyHow to Use Electrical Wire Connectors?

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An electrical wire connector is a device used for joining electrical circuits as an interface. It is required to effectively and safely connect the electrical conductors. This connection may be temporary or permanent between two different wires or devices.

The type and style of the connector to be selected for connecting two or more wires is determined by the number of gauges involved in each electrical circuit.

In many connections, you may not have noticed electric wire connectors. In such cases, screws are used. Screw connections mean moulding the wire into a small fishhook that fits around the screw and then tightening the screw.

Steps to use Wiring Connector:-

Turn Off the Power

Always turn off the power before working on any wiring project to avoid dangerous electrical shocks.

Choose the Wire Connector of Right Size

Selecting the right size wiring connector for the job can prevent electrical failure and fires. The reason behind this is, if the wrong size wire connector has been applied, it may pop off as the wire expands or fall off when the wire contracts. To pick the right size wire connector, you may look on the side of the connector box and make sure that the connector used is apt for the size of the wire.

Strip the Connected Wires

After choosing the right size, you need to figure out how much insulation to strip from the wire. Though you may not want too much wire out, it should be exposed enough. With the help of a wire stripper, remove the coating around the ends of the two wires that need to be connected. Do not remove more than 3/8 inch of the coat.

Place the stripped ends together. However, to be UL-listed (approved by a safety testing board) a connector must make a firm connection.

Put Connector over the Ends of the Wires

You need to place the cap portion of the wire connector over the exposed conductors of the two wires. Make sure that none of the conductor material is protruding from the bottom of the connector. In case the exposed wire does not protrude, remove the cap and clip off the little end and try again.

At last, you should test the quality and strength of the splice by holding the connector and trying to pull each wire firmly.

Creating a good, tight, safe electrical connections is extremely important since loose connections cause sparks which arc from wire to wire and result in fire.


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