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There are a large number of card games that are played around the world. The games have many variants that are created to make it more exciting and entertaining. This is generally done by tweaking certain rules for each variation. Card games are popular not just among adults but many games are played by children and adults alike because they are entertaining.

Some of the popular games include 7 of hearts, 3-2-5, Seep, Old Maid, Rummy, Not at home and Teen Patti. All these games are very different in their rules and format. They are easy to learn but may be tough to master. It takes practice and observation skills to become good at the likes of 325 card games and Seep card games.

What Is 3-2-5?

This is a card game for three players only, no more, no less. The game requires the players to achieve the targets assigned to them. Underachieving results in a loss of points and overachieving gives you a positive score. For every negative point, a positive point will be awarded to another player.

How Many Decks Are Required?

Just one deck is required. That is also reduced to 30 cards only and includes all the Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10s, 9’s and 8’s. The last two cards are the 7’s of hearts and spades.

How Are the Cards Dealt?

The game starts with a decision of deciding the dealer. The players need to select one card each from a 2, 3 and 5 that are laid face down. The player who gets a 2 is the dealer. First, a round of 5 cards is dealt to all the 3 players. The player on the right or the one to get the first set of cards calls a trump looking at these cards only. For the second round, three cards are dealt and 2 are passed around in the last round. Now each player has 10 cards.

What Is a Trump?

A trump suit is selected by the first player. This suit has the power to be stronger than other cards and can be played either when other trump cards are being played or when the player does not have any card of the suit being played. You cannot play it if you have a card of the suit being played.

How Is the Game Played?

Each player is given a target of tricks to be collected. The dealer must collect two; the lead player or the trump caller must collect 5 and the third player must collect three. Given the cards in hand, you might over or under-achieve the target.

How Are Tricks Collected?

The first card is played by the lead player and the others must either match the suit and if that is not available play a card from any other suit. When all players play the same suit, the trick is collected by the player with the strongest of the three cards. If a player plays a card of the trump suit, the trick goes to him. The next move is made by the winner of the previous trick. This goes on until all the cards have been played.

What Is the Penalty for Not Achieving the Target?

If you are not able to achieve your target, you lose one point per trick. There can be a total of 10 tricks and if one player misses, someone will get that extra trick and a point for every extra trick collected. Apart from this, the person who has collected the extra trick gets to draw a card from the players who have failed to collect their target. They replace a card of their choice in return. The player must have at least two other cards of the suit with which he is replacing the drawn card.

How Does the Game End?

This can be decided by the players. They can decide on the number of games to be played and the player with maximum points is declared the winner. They can also decide on the minimum points to be won for the game to end. The game ends when any player reaches that score.

What Are Some Tips to Win the Game?

  1. Keep track of the cards that have been played.
  2. Collect tricks on all the big cards you have in hand. Be careful if you have too many of one suit that is not trump.
  3. If you have many trump cards, you can use them to rid the others of whatever they may have.
  4. If you are short on trump cards, you must be careful with your other cards.
  5. Whenever you cannot win the trick, play the smallest of your cards and save the big ones for later

The game is highly enjoyable even if it doesn’t lead you to a win. It is competitive and friendly at the same time. As the target changes with every round, the challenge also keeps shifting and the fun continues.



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