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AdminApril 18, 2020546 min

As the Internet continues to explode and mega sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter dominate our social interactions there are a ton of new jobs emerging. If you want to make a second income from home then now is the best time to act. The fact is that there are over 4 million people making a full time or a second income from home and that number is expected to sharply rise in the next few years.

Art prints, in the online world, provide an additional income source for the artist with no immediate additional expense. How this works is that the artist produces an artwork, convert it into digital format through a scan or a digital photo, and upload it to a ready-made turnkey websites for sale.

They usually contain already developed templates and layouts with appropriate codes. Adding to this, an enough space for advertising banners should be provided in case you are a ClickBank affiliate. Finally, the main room is left to your content and articles.

If you are looking to buy a website, you need to be cautious as all websites are not created equal. Sure, you can get cookie cutter sites that are sold over and over again for very little money, but do you really want a site that thousands of other people already have? The search engines don’t like to show the same content over and over so chances are your site will be banished to the bottom of the search index (or even not included at all). Just like with anything else, when it comes to websites you really do get what you pay for!

Jean: Sure. Basically ready-made turnkey websites for sale are already setup for you to start making money, all you do is start the engine. The only thing you would do by yourself is figure out what you want on there. To be quite frank it was difficult in the beginning for myself. I was trying to learn all this stuff with no help and most nights the frustration was setting in big time! However, the way I have things set up now, my clients don’t have to go through the Internet maze to get things done. Hey, you’ve used the back office. What do you think?

Click on “For your info” to see the sites that are currently for sale. You can browse through the sites that are currently for sale. Pay close attention to the sites that have high buy it now prices or that have high bids. These are the money makers.

This option will most likely be the more expensive way to go. But if you want quality and you have a big enough budget it’s one of the easiest routes you can take.

Whatever questions or thoughts that your customers may have, you can easily settle them with a free course. Make sure you provide nothing but helpful information in your freebie, and make it a point to send 1 out every month. Include links in the freebie course (if it’s a document) that leads back to a product that you are selling.

The bottom line is, get started on your website. Do not let money or fear hold you back. Just take the first step to get the momentum going to start your internet business.

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