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concrete planter trough

Concrete planter trough, the entire idea brings along many benefits, let alone looking sophisticated. If we were to suggest you anything apart from wooden planters on the scale of class, it would be the concrete planters. Concrete, as you know, is a widely coveted material regardless of flooring purpose, gardening or plantation because of both durability and visual appeal. You have probably found them in the fanciest of houses working as decor accent.

The new modern buildings are always assumed to be better in every aspect compared to the older ones. Concrete planter troughs have been in the market for quite a while now. Custom made concrete planters are also a common concept. What really grabs eyeballs, are the DIY concrete planters because they have a personal touch. You too can take a walk at the risqué side and attempt to make concrete planters. You will need a head full of imaginations, some concrete, some specific tools and you are all set!

Before we begin, you will need to ensure that the concrete planter trough which you are making is extremely lightweight. It helps your plants in thriving faster and lives longer while the planters radiate your creative prowess.

concrete planter boxes
concrete planter boxes

We will quickly look on a few sassiest DIY concrete planter designing ideas below:


Use colour block:

Colour blocking is a smart way to give something an edgy appeal. This is characterized by two colours being clubbed on the same object. You have heard about these outfits, mostly knitted outfits that are. Why not use the colour blocking technique in making planters too? Sounds legit? Well, here’s the deal. Navigate to YouTube and find out some quirky colour blocking ideas to make concrete planter trough. You can align the colours with the mood of your house or simply the colour of your walls. They will take the visual appeal of your house a few notches higher. However, it is absolutely your prerogative which colours you would like to choose.

Use geometric shapes:

This idea completely reminds us of The Flintstones, a family making the most of the Stone Age. We are referring to their geometrically patterned furniture carved out of raw stone. Well, you have only got to replace the raw stone with concrete and create such fun shapes. You can also design a mould prior to that which will help you in giving the planters most whimsical shapes. Alternatively, you can simply use your hands of a few typical tools to create awesome geometric shapes of the planters. These planters will be great to grow succulents and would also double up like bookends.

Raw concrete planter trough:

It is highly suggesting you apply a sealant in the previously mentioned designs, but you can give the sealant a ditch in this one. In an attempt to make completely raw-looking planters, you can simply use a mould to shape them up. You can choose shapes from anywhere between rectangular, circular or, oval. The concrete planter troughs will look porous and hence extremely out-of-the-box. Again, these planters will be awesome to grow succulents as you place them in the front corridor of your house. Also, it becomes easy to line them up in the front ledge up to your living room, with a different plant in each, to see the magic happen. These planters will quickly enliven an otherwise dull area.

These ideas are waiting to be tested and verified by you. There are more ideas lurking in every corner of the internet. You can, as a matter of fact, take a cue from many YouTube video tutorials on making concrete planter trough. They will teach you everything, ranging from making the mould to creating the planter bowl rendering you to feel empowered and self-sufficient.


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