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rosiejoyApril 30, 2020416 min

For you to settle in a country of which you are not a citizen, you will need the services of an immigration attorney. The role of an immigration lawyer is to ensure that you get adequate information and guidance on matters like visa applications, naturalization and other immigration benefits that may arise.


However, finding the right attorney can be quite taxing. This post highlights details that you need to pay attention to when choosing your immigration attorney. According to Manchanda Law, it is the aptitude of the attorney that will determine how well you will be represented. That said, here are four things that highlight aptitude;


  • Experience – With experience comes competence. And in matters immigration, you will need someone who is experienced and competent. Someone who understands the law and is up to date with any recent changes to the law. Furthermore, an attorney who is experienced will know the right procedures and requirements that will make your case an easy one.


  • Secondly, a professional attorney must adhere to the set standards and fully commit him or herself to providing you with quality, professional and reliable services to the very end. With the bureaucracy in the immigration sector, you cannot afford to overlook this detail.


  • Excellent communication skills – A good communicator will relay information with ease, ask questions, make requests as well as understand the requirements. So, you can rest assured that with a lawyer that has excellent communication skills, your interests will be well represented and your rights will be defended. The truth is, it takes a good lawyer to ensure that you are informed about anything that might or will affect your status in your destination country.


  • Affordability – As we all know, getting the services of a good immigration attorney in New York can be quite costly. However, to ensure that you stick to your budget, it is best that you shop around until you find an attorney whose services are fairly priced. The truth is, there are different options available for you to choose from.


  • A good lawyer will provide an estimate in advance, so ask before hiring one. And even though you must stick to a budget, do not settle for ridiculously low-priced services. A good attorney will charge a reasonable fee for his or her services. If the fee is unreasonably low, it is wise to avoid that attorney.


  • Confidentiality – if you understand law, then you know that it is the duty of any lawyer, immigration or not to keep your things confidential. Your immigration attorney should be able to represent you in total confidence. So, before you can hire one for your case, ask around or even look for online reviews. If he or she is a good attorney, there will be some good feedback about their prior services and you Cn rest assured that they will be the perfect match for you.


RAHUL MANCHANDA is the author of this article on Manchanda Law. Find more information, about immigration attorney in New York.


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