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Python has become an increasingly popular tool for analyzing data. There are several libraries for data analysis that go of well with Python web development services. Because of its easily readable codes and lesser time investment in coding, Python development services are in huge demand for data analysis. Earlier people used to perform different segments of data analysis on different platforms like doing econometrics on Stata, GIS work on ArcGIS and network analysis in R, people then wanted to unify their workflow. And then with the advent of Python for data analysis, every segment of data analysis could be performed in a single environment. With excellent real-time executions, Python has become an analyst’s best choice for data-related operations.


Few important things which every analyst must know for working in Python are :

  • Data Types
  • Defining Functions
  • Understanding mutable and immutable data types.
  • Writing Loops
  • Manipulating strings
  • Importing third-party modules
  • Reading and interpreting errors


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Since Python has a simple text-based interface it makes it more user-friendly and interactive. Python app development depends on the two most important libraries, i.e., Pandas and Numpy for adding different data types. Also, Python is a versatile environment that has similar functions performed on R that makes the tasks of R users easier when they switch from R to Python.


Important Libraries used in Python :

  • Pandas
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • Scikit Learn
  • StatsModel

Every library has its own importance when it comes to working with data or analyzing datasets. Since Pandas is the most important library in Python for data analysis it involves understanding two main algorithms i.e., data frame and series. To work on python, it is essentially necessary to understand these two terms.


There are a lot of reasons why Python is being adopted by Computer Scientists so widely since it is a general-purpose language and is often used for things that are data science and analysis.


So working with python for data projects will make your task easier.


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