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Interior designing includes a lot of things. Two of the biggest concepts are the elements of proportion and balance. I’ll tell you about the seven points on interior design.


Space is the most important element which acts as the foundation of the entire interior design plan. An interior designer should be well aware of the space available, its dimensions and the surroundings. Space is of two types namely: 2D Space which covers the floor (includes length, & width) and 3D Space which forms the living space (includes length, width, & height). a right designer who knows how to use the space properly have a smart way to fit a lot of things in a small place but yet make it seem tidy.


The line is used for creating height & width, or the appearance of activity, movement, or flow. In the interior designs, lines are created on the furnishings and the architecture of a room.


The texture is an element which can sometimes be overlooked while planning a scheme. It can add a powerful dimension to any room. Texture refers to how the surface of an object feels; therefore, you are no longer confined to visual elements such as line and color, now you can actually determine the way space will feel too by using texture.


Meaning of the Forms is shaped in general, which will define objects are in space. The shape will be the two-dimensional outline or we can say the boundaries or of design, while the form is having the three-dimensional configuration. 

There are two types of forms:

Organic (found in nature): 

These are shapes that have a natural look and flowing appearance. They are typically irregular or asymmetrical. Think plants and animals.

Geometric (manmade): 

Circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, etc. are all examples of geometric shapes. They have clear edges and are characteristically made by humans.


Light works as the catalyst of the interior designing process. Perfect use of light can blow your mind away. On the other hand, insufficient or inappropriate light can damage the whole impact of the design.


Color is also the main things to Consider in Interior Designing. It’s used to create aesthetically pleasing combinations and has psychological impacts. It’s the most personal and suggestive element. We all have our favorite and least favorite colors, as well as numerous associations with particular ones. Colors are considered warm (reds, yellows, and oranges), cool (blues, greens, and purples), or neutral (beiges, browns, blacks, grays, and whites).


As same as texture, patterns will also add life to interior designing and work in conjunction with colors. Patterns tell a story of their own. They are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and are mostly made of attractive and repetitive designs. They work like texture to make surfaces appealing.

Interior design is a combination of these elements. You can overlook one or two of these elements. However, each of these elements is important for a master interior design plan.


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