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Cherry wood kitchen cabinets offer a vintage style which no other wood would probably be able to offer. Its like wine; the best part is it ages most gracefully and the older it gets, the more appealing it turns. Cherrywood is one of the most coveted timbers of all times. The hard wood reveals a very unique ageing process and has a quality that’s worth mentioning.

Despite the wood being a symbol of style and elegance, people still like to consider it as a top class traditional wooden cabinetry choice. Cherry wood is extremely long lasting but if you had like to introduce it to a modern kitchen, we would like you to follow the tips below. They help modernise the looks by blending cherry wood kitchen cabinets with modernised accents. Have a look at these extremely brilliant ideas where cherry wholesale kitchen cabinets are totally embraced to give shape to a brilliant design concept.

Pair the cabinets with white countertops

Cabinets are the primary focus of a kitchen. They are the main fixtures that make a kitchen look complete. But if you ask us, what’s the next most important thing in a kitchen, we will straight away point at the countertop. Now, since you are headstrong about bringing cherry cabinetry to the kitchen we will recommend you bring on a white countertop that will collaborate with the dusky richness of cherrywood as the brightness of white will gleefully complement with the entire accent. The striking contrast between two natural things, cherry and white stone counters is simply about to make the place appear gorgeous. Are you ready for it?

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

A light-coloured backsplash

Like we have said before, cherry wholesale cabinets showcase a rich and warm charm with cherry colour. Taking this into account you can blend the cabinetry with light or neutral backsplash. The contrast is too visually impressive. The lighter shade backsplash in white, cream or beige is simply hard to keep your eyes off from. Besides, if you are worried about your pocket, we will definitely want you to consider this desirable design.

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Steel appliances

If you are thinking of purchasing a new appliance for the kitchen, would you mind bringing in some of those that showcase steel finish? The brand-new look is just about to turn heads like no other would. Also, we will ask you to complement them with brushed steel hardware. Like for the handles and knobs, there is nothing that would go beyond what steel has in offer for you. We will recommend you get thefridge, the oven and the chimney hood in brushed steel and that would do the magic everywhere. It helps strike a balance between the cherry shaker cabinets and the kitchen décor.

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Two toned cabinets

That’s probably not what you were thinking of right at the moment. You wish it would only be cherry. For a bold and stunning appearance, we will recommend coupling up the upper cherry cabinets with some white cabinetry below. The pristine white would bring a contrast to talk about. This apart you can introduce cherry shaker cabinets for a modernistic appeal.

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets


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