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Bangalore has always been known for its amazing schools, not in recent years but for many decades now. And in recent years, some schools have taken the ‘international’ tag quite seriously and have strived to prove their excellence through many successful endeavors on a global scale.

One such school that has practised what it has preached is The Global Indian International School. Known for its many branches across Asia, the school has consecutively won many awards for its contributions and achievements in the field of education.

GIIS’s core values help students imbibe a holistic education in order to excel in not just academics but also other aspects of their lives. The school strives to focus on overall development of its students and does so by providing all the facilities needed for a child to prosper in his school years.

The 9 GEMS framework is an award winning framework that caters to every form of development in a child and is specially designed to help these students grow into successful citizens who have a global perspective.

The 9GEMS framework is not just imbibed by high school grades but applies to Grades Pre primary, primary, secondary and high school.

The reason why this is an award winning school is because it imbibes these GEMS into its already robust curricula to give its students that extra boost. These 9GEMS are academic excellence, sports excellence, visual and performing arts, personality development , innovation and creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership, universal values and ethics, community and care and finally skill development.

GIIS’s Preschool (Global Montessori Plus) GMP Program

GIIS also offers an excellent program called the GMP program for little children in their preschool years. The program is designed by imbibing the Maria Montessori method along with its own pedagogy, which are the 5 pillars of literacy, numeracy, experiential learning, new-age technology and interactive games and these  pillars help children to strengthen their cognitive, motor and expressive skills.

GIIS’s Faculty

Global Indian International School in Bangalore has a very strict recruitment process and they hire teachers who are highly qualified and who have experience in the field of education. The administrative faculty are open and friendly and they have the best interest of the students of GIIS

GIIS’s Campus

GIIS’s core education practices are based on the latest innovations in the field. They have virtual labs, well-ventilated classrooms, sports facilities and other co-curricular facilities inside the campus. Their smart classrooms are a great platform for children to hone their academic skills and act as a great aid in innovative learning. As safety and security is of prime concern, the school uses state of the art technology to make sure all children and faculty are safe inside the campus.

GIIS’s Inclusive Education

GIIS offers inclusive education to students with a slow learning curve and gives them that extra flexibility in their lessons and activities. There are supportive teachers who are qualified to help these students come up the learning curve in a friendly environment.


If you stay in the vicinity of Bannerghatta Road or Whitefield and wonder “Which are the CBSE schools near my location”? , then you should definitely consider GIIS as a prospective option.


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