TechnologyiPhone Repair: The Way to Replace a Verizon iPhone Screen

ronaldlizotteApril 16, 202066 min

There are many tools needed to perform this repair. You may want a flat head, Phillips and petalobe screwdrivers. You also need soft plastic and metal stamping tools.

Step one.

You will need to use the phi lips or petalobe screwdriver (depending on the iPhone model) to get rid of the two screws located at the bottom of the iPhone. They are next to the charging port and speakers.

Step two.

Once the screws are removed, you are ready to remove the back of the iPhone. Just slide the cover up and lift it off the phone. Make sure not to press down on the glass cover due to the fact that it could simply break.

Step three.

The next step would be to remove the battery from the iPhone case. To do this, remove the screw that holds the battery terminal in place. When this is actually done, you can remove the terminal from the logic board and remove the battery from the case. Use the clear tab plus a plastic tool to help lift the battery.

Step four

The next step requires removing the two screws that hold the flex cable on the charging port in place with the metal tab on the top.

Step Five

Then, get rid of all the screws holding the black metal cover and 1 screw on a metal clip below. These metal clips ensure that the connections do not come from the motherboard in case of vibrations or falls. Once the screws are removed, remove the metal covers from the system board.

Step six.

Then remove all the flexible cable connections from the logic board. The following connectors must be removed; digital display, camera, antenna, charging station, volume control, power button, headphone jack

Step seven

Shortly after removing the connectors, you can get rid of the rest of the screws inside the iPhone. 3 of these screws require the flat screwdriver to remove. In addition, the screws are located in the corner under a black sticker, exactly where the camera was.

Step Eight

Once all the screws are removed, you may now be ready to remove the system board. Lift the board out of the housing by first lifting the rear end and making sure to clear all flexible cables without damaging them within the method.

Step nine.

The next move is to remove the speaker and antenna unit from the iPhone.

Step Ten

Then remove the vibration module using its blunt knife and push it under the engine. Try to keep the adhesive intact.

Step eleven.

You will find ten screws to handle. The 4 screws located in the four corners of the iPhone must be removed. The six wider screws with washers located on the sides of the housing should be loosened slightly.

Step twelve.

Finally, we can now start removing the iPhone screen. Use your blunt blade to separate the screen from the aluminum case and start from the bottom of the screen near the start button. Do this until the screen is off iPhone.

Step thirteen.

You need to remove the metal grille along with the plastic camera bracket from the old display unit to make sure you can reuse it with your replacement display.

To reassemble iPhone, simply follow these methods in reverse. Use our detailed repair videos that have detailed instructions and tips. If this seems like a difficult repair to do, visit our iPhone repair section to get our specialized iPhone repair service.


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