Apple iPhone X Touch ID vs Face ID

Is it worth buying the iPhone X?

Hope you remember the application launched by Apple called find my iPhone, that use to detect your phone if you have lost or forget where you have phone is, just by using your PC you can detect you phone if it is connected with the Wi-Fi. This was one of the best default application launched by iPhone that has helped a lot of people to recover their phones, you are just supposed to connect your iCloud ID with your iPhone and your PC or Mac using the same ID, then whenever you lose your phone or forget somewhere just use your PC and you can easily get the direction of your phone using MAP.
Recently Apple has launched iPhone X and iPhone 8, both the phones created a lot of buzz and the stock market also increased for Apple. As these are the power pack phones with one of the finest display and sleek design. These phones display the future of Apple plus the pricings were also too high. People are still in double-mind which phone to buy either iPhone X or iPhone 8 still many people want to buy iPhone X. There was a survey going on last week that which phone is best either iPhone X or iPhone 8 and many people voted for iPhone X as it has a whole new different look.

Today we will discuss is iPhone X is worth buying as compare to iPhone 8? Let’s find out.


One of the most important factors is the pricing of any phone you are going to buy. I always buy phones online that’s why compare mobile deals to get the best price, and recycle my mobile that is old online only.
The iPhone 8 [64 GB] is for £699.
The iPhone 8 [256 GB] is for £849.

The iPhone X [64 GB] is for £999.
The iPhone X [256 GB] is for £1,150.
It is obvious that you can save £300 if you are going to buy iPhone 8, although iPhone X is a bit way expensive for many people.

-Processing System

As both these phones iPhone X and iPhone 8 were launched at the same time that’s why is having the identical processing system. Both the phone consist of the powerhouse, the most powerful chip by Apple called A11 Bionic Chip with M11 motion coprocessor and neural engine. This makes these phone a Power Hub. Both the phones are having same chips but the only difference is how they are using it.
The iPhone X mostly uses the A11 chip with neural engine for its new feature of face detection system called Face ID, while iPhone 8 don’t. Other vise everything is working same running the IOS 11 getting all the apps in great way with the best display and same ecosystem in both iPhone X and iPhone 8. It is also having find my iPhone feature.

-Touch ID vs Face ID

Touch ID is used to unlock your phone and pay via Apple Pay for you restaurant bills, goods bills and etc. it is one of the best secure way to pay. Although I myself own an iPhone X and use Face ID a lot which works very well, but sometimes I Feel like Touch ID is more reliable than Face ID and faster as well.
Face ID is one of the most revolutionary features Apple has launched. The best part is it can work anywhere even in the dark, if you have added glass protector or case, and even when you face actual changes to your face. For example if you have a beard than later you shaved it will still identify you! That’s nice. It works very easy and instantly also you are not supposed to look at the phone physically. Although Face ID is one of the most important and revolutionary, but the Touch ID still is classy.

iPhone 8 £800 and iPhone X for £1000


Both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are now supporting the wireless charging known as Qi wireless Charging standards, which is much faster than the standard wired charger. The only disadvantage is that you have to buy an extra accessory if you are planning to use new wireless charging with both the phones. Apple is now offering many Qi wireless-charging pads even now with its own called Airpower pad which be soon about to launch, to buy this you are supposed to pay an extra £25 to £75. It is really worth it and recommended from our side as it gives you phone fast charging ability and less hustle.
Although it is highly recommended from you side to buy this, but the only issue is that you are supposed to pay an extra for these accessions, while the phones are starting from iPhone 8 £800 and iPhone X for £1000. If you want to get these chargers in lesser amount so search online and compare mobile deals on different websites.


If you are a photography lover person, than these are the phones made for you. Apple introduced its phones with dual rear camera it was another future thing that only Apple has launches but now many other phones are also using same dual camera while Hawaii has launched a triple lensed rear camera. On the iPhone X and iPhone 8 the rear cameras are same. IPhone now are having the best zoom in lens with auto-focus feature.

Rear camera 12Mp, f/1.8, 5x digital zoom, quad-LED flash It have 12Mp wide-angle, f/1.8, OIS + 12Mp telephoto, f/2,8, optical zoom, 10x digital zoom, Portrait Lighting 12Mp wide-angle, f/1.8, OIS + 12Mp telephoto, f/2.4, OIS, optical zoom, 10x digital zoom, Portrait Lighting, Portrait Mode, quad-LED flash

The only difference between the rear camera of iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus is iPhone X is having optical image stabilization for both telephoto lens and wide-angle lens for the sharper image, especially in low light condition.

We are towards the end of the article and know all the important things we are supposed to know before buying an iPhone X or iPhone 8, from our point of view we will choose iPhone X if we are having and will to spend £1000+. If you are Android user and thinking to switch towards iPhone than you should try Apple phone as they have App Store and find my iPhone feature as well.

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