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AdminAugust 5, 2020497 min

You have probably read many articles that say how bad gaming is for your social presence and health, and how you have to use more health supplements and pills. However, it is proven that video gaming can be good for you too.

According to recent researches, several hours of intense playing of video games are good for the adult brain. It improves the perception and the multitasking abilities of each individual, helps the creativity and the ability for making better and faster decisions. Some of the benefits that come with playing games are a good coordination between the eyes and the hands and improves the abilities for night driving.

The research made confirm that people who have played computer games based on action are able to take accurate decisions four times faster than people who have never played games. According to the studies, the players of computer games are able to pay attention to much more than six details at one and the same moment without being confused by that. 

At the same time those who do not play such games can keep in their minds only for details. You will be surprised to find out that more than forty per cent of the computer games players are women. The same studies show that these women players can work with the 3D objects in a better way than men players, who were accepted as better at that skill. 

In general, the computer games affect the abilities, due to the combination of concentration and the pleasure they provide. Computer games should not be associated only with violence, actually there are far more games that do not include any form of violence. For example, the video games that the small children play boost their creativity. 

The kids who play computer games prove to have higher scores than the ones that do not based on a standard test of creativity. This test was made with no regard on the gender or the race, as well as regardless of the game played. For sure, researchers are now struggling to create educational games and make it as appealing to pupils and students as the rest of the electronic games. 

With just about every home these days having a computer, you can imagine how many kids spend time on it in their free time. There are tons of video games offered online and the first time you check them out, you might be pleasantly surprised by the variety. Online games offer so many choices, you might have trouble choosing one to start with.

Your search will show you there are football games, adventure and action games as well as physics, plane and puzzle games.  These games help in developing critical thinking in players mind. Also, improve the strategy building ability and problem solving skills.  There are also role playing games like Independence Fleet the blur the lines between video games and creative writing that can enhance problem solving skills and creativity.

It is proven; the process of playing video games has lasting effects on the human behaviour and cognition. There is no doubt that the electronic games have bad effects as well, but as presented here – things are not only black and they could be useful and beneficial for the brain as well.


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