Fashion and LifestyleIs Your No Dandruff Shampoo Doing More Harm Than Good?

YouvrajApril 25, 2020335 min

When you’ve been struggling with itchy scalp for a long time, no dandruff shampoo just seems like the only answer. What you are not aware of is that there are other options that could be used to keep your scalp clean without risking a scalp infection.

Your no dandruff shampoo might make your scalp look beautiful and shiny but sometimes its not enough. The problem is that some dandruff shampoos do not include certain essential ingredients that are really important in keeping your hair and scalp healthy. You should look for an ingredient called bentonite clay which can help to boost circulation in your scalp.

You have probably noticed that when you purchase any no dandruff shampoo, it will contain a rather large amount of sodium laureth sulphate. This ingredient has been linked to many serious skin conditions such as acne and eczema. This is because it is a very powerful drying agent which leaves the scalp dry and itchy. Also, read more about edge smoothing gel here.

In order to stop itchy scalp from returning and prevent yourself from using no dandruff shampoo in the future, you should try using products that contain bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is an effective ingredient that can reduce oil production by preventing the normal breakdown of keratin, the substance that makes hair, skin and nails absorb moisture. This will leave your scalp feeling clean and shiny.

No dandruff shampoo may contain other ingredients but Bentonite clay is what your scalp needs in order to stay looking and feeling healthy. By using no dandruff shampoo, you are doing your hair and skin a disservice. When you get rid of dandruff, you are also destroying your hair follicles which can lead to permanent damage to your hair and skin.

By making the choice to use no dandruff shampoo that contains bentonite clay, you are not only improving your hair’s appearance but you are also protecting it from damage. Many people have found that their dandruff returns after they stop using dandruff shampoos that contain sulphates. Bentonite clay on the other hand, is a natural substance that can keep your scalp healthy and strong.

If you suffer from dry scalp and itchiness or if you are currently suffering from itchy scalp, then you should try a dandruff shampoo containing bentonite clay. If your itchy scalp persists or if you notice that it becomes even more severe, you should stop using the shampoo immediately. If your condition does not improve after a couple of days, you should go to your dermatologist for advice. Check out shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair here.

No dandruff shampoo that contains bentonite clay will help to stimulate your scalp’s ability to grow hair and healthy skin. You should try no dandruff shampoo that contains bentonite clay and you will find that it will help to improve your hair and skin health.


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