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Clean hands and personal hygiene is reflection of living a healthy life and creates a good impression of us on others. Moreover, it prevents spread of diseases and other communicable infections. Lack of cleanliness can cause bad odor, risk of allergies and other skin complications. Skin is our first shield of protection from the outer world. Skin which is free from oil and dust and is well hydrated can enhance the protection which will not only save us from harmful skin concerns but will also make us look fresh and hygienic. No scars soap is made up of ingredients which are proven to be provide quick and effective results from skin concerns

Below are the major components of our soap:


Glycerin is the basic component because it has the quality of providing moisture that hydrates the skin and prevents the skin from becoming dry and flaky. The best quality of glycerin is that it suits every skin type from oily to dry. Moreover glycerin is completely natural which aids in reduction of allergies, redness of the skin and infections.

 Aloe Vera

As we age, Blemishes, wrinkles and scars start to appear on our skin as sign of ageing. Aloe Vera helps to slow down the process of ageing as it is rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, E, C, B1 B2 B3 and B6. It is one of the few plants who posses Vitamin B12.

 Coco Fatty acids

Coco fatty acids are rich in healthy fats and protein which helps the skin to hold moisture and provide hydration. Coconut provides the skin a smooth texture upon touch and helps to keep the skin soft and prevents dullness. Proteins present in coconut aids in rejuvenation of the skin and boost up the process of formation of new skin layer. It is believed that good diet plan for better skin.

Almond oils

Almond oil is considered   to be the best source to enact hydration and moisture of the skin due to presence of vitamin A and E in it. Almond oils also clean the pores of the skin and decrease the chances of black heads, blemishes and wrinkles.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a type of Alpha- hydroxyl acid which act as cleaning agent of oil and toxic pollutants from the skin and remove the layer old skin, revealing healthier and glowing skin with bright complexion.

Apart from using products like no scars soap to achieve the healthy and spotless skin one should not forget the importance of good diet plan for better skin. What we eat has reflection on our face. Applying cosmetics and other skin care products will only help to clean the skin from outside but healthy and good diet plan aids cleansing of skim from inside which gives measurable results in short period of time. Eating green and leafy vegetables helps to reduce the excess heat in the body which is the main reason of skin issues.


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