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Khushiyon Bhari Udaan

Jatayupara Nature Park is one of its kind in the world. Jatayu Nature Park at Jatayupara is having the World’s Largest Bird Sculpture, which was opened to public in early 2016. The massive sculpture is 200 feet in length, 150 feet in width and 70 feet in height. There is 15,000 square feet of usable floor area under the sculpture. India’s first State of the art Rope-way project is installed for the tourists here. This rope-way is the biggest rope-way in South India, which can carry 400 tourists per hour. The 500-meter-long rope-way / cable car takes you to the 600 feet high Jatayu hill top.

According to myth, it is believed that this rock got this name from a personality   Jatayu in the epic Ramayana. It is a huge bird which is the friend of Lord Rama. This bird scarified his life for saving Goddess Sita from the Devil sprit Ravana. And it is also believed that the bird Jatayu fell down in this rock with mortally wounded body. For this reason, this rock got this name as Jatayu rock. There is a small temple on the top of this bedrock, which is dedicated to the lord Ram. Some people also say that it is the same place where Lord Rama and his younger brother Lakshmana came to know about the kidnapping of his wife Sita. On special occasions, the villagers assemble at this temple to perform prayers.

The month of October to March is the best time to visit this wonderful place of Jatayupara. In every winter during the month of December-January, a crafts fair is also organized at the Jatayupara, in which craftsmen from various parts of the country assemble and exhibit their goods.

How to Visit Jatayu Rock Hill

  • By Cable Car
  • Cable car service to go to the top of the rock is available. Total 16 cables cars which can accommodate 8 adults in each car. It takes approx. 8 to 10 minutes to reach the rock.
  • By Trek
  • If you are fully physically fit, you can trek to the top of the hill. It may take approx. 1.5 hrs to reach the top. Those who have knee, breathing and heart diseases should avoid this route.
  • Heli services
  • Heli-taxi from Trivandrum to Jatayu is available.

Entry Fee

  • Cable car charges Rs 250 per person.
  • Entry fee Rs 150 per person.

A classic example of sustainable tourism, Jatayupara is a delight to the eyes and is a crowd-pulling destination for adventure tourists.

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