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Kyphosis is one of the most common types of spinal disorder after scoliosis. It is the abnormal rounding of the upper back. This health disorder mainly affects a patient during puberty or young adulthood. The severity and discomfort of the disease highly depend on the degree of curvature.

Kyphosis generally affects the people who follow the wrong posture for sitting for a prolonged period. However, it is also possible that this disorder strikes the patient since birth. A yet another reason that results in kyphosis is abnormal development of the spine in a child in the womb.

Symptoms of Kyphosis:

Some of the common signs of kyphosis are:

  • Forward bend in shoulders or upper spinal curve.
  • Rounded back
  • Continuous back pain
  • Stiffness in the upper back
  • Pressure and stretch in hamstrings

It is possible to treat kyphosis, in the initial stages by following the therapies as guided by the top physiotherapists in India. In case, there is no relief in the condition of the patient; the doctors recommend to undergo Kyphosis Surgery in India. Surgeries for kyphosis often show the favourable result, and there are not many complications.

Treatment for Kyphosis:

Kyphosis treatment aims at restricting the spinal curve from worsening and subsiding the signs of kyphosis. However, the procedure for kyphosis treatment depends on tests and diagnosis, type of scoliosis and severity of the curvature.

  • Non-Surgical Treatment:

In non-surgical procedures, the doctors recommend physiotherapies to strengthen the abdominal as well as spinal muscles. In severe cases of pain and discomfort, the surgeons recommend the use of braces.

Braces also help to correct the posture of back if the spine is still undergrowth. Along with the therapies and braces, doctors also suggest non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that help to reduce the symptoms of kyphosis.

  • Surgical Treatment:

When the doctors cannot see any change in the condition of the patient after trying all the non-surgical methods of treatment, the surgeons recommend surgical treatment for patients. It is usually for patients who have Scheuermann’s kyphosis or Congenital kyphosis. The type of

treatment and procedure highly depends on the cause of the disorder and the degree of curvature.

 The type of surgery is specific for every individual. One of the most common types of surgery for kyphosis is spinal fusion. The surgery aim at correcting the posture by welding the vertebrae together. There are some other surgical ways to fix the kyphosis error, they are:

  • Inserting rods
  • Providing support by metallic screws
  • Bone grafting etc.

Final Words:

Every year more and more patients visit India to receive kyphosis treatment. It is because of the high success rate of surgery in India, availability of best surgeons and top hospitals, affordable Kyphosis Treatment Cost in India and also the efficient guidance by top medical tourism companies. All these factors make the medical journey in India smooth and convenient.

Also, the surgeons in India are readily available to provide online follow-up to the patients in case of any difficulty after the treatment.


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