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Bras are such an important part of any outfit; their impact is unparalleled. The right bra with the right outfit can work wonders for you while the wrong bra can make even the best outfit look bleak. Lucky for us, bras for ladies come in an extensive range of endless styles and designs. With the right knowledge about bras for ladies, you can add your twists to your outfits and give your fashion sense an upgrade. To help you achieve this, Zivame has the best collection of the perfect bra for ladies that you need to browse through.

While many tend to find bras stuffy and boring, bras can be extremely fun when used right. They affect your self-confidence and make you look as well as feel sexy, so you have to make sure you are using them right. Bra for ladies will help you get reacquainted with your body in the best way possible and bring out the most confident side of you. Here is a detailed guide to the must-have bras you need to buy right away:

  • Padded Bras: These come with inserted pads that lift up your breasts and give them a fuller look. They are extremely comfortable and adjustable as the pads can be removed and reinserted through the slits. Extremely comfortable and good for all breast sizes, padded bras are great for everyday use.
  • Strapless Bras: Quite as the name suggests, these bras have no straps. These must-have for parties as their body-hugging function and lack of straps make them ideal for dresses that show off your shoulders. Other party bras that you can stock up on are halter bras, front open bras, plunge bras, transparent bras, etc. All of this help show off your figure and add to your outfit in ways that make you look hot.
  • T-shirt Bras: These are specifically designed to enhance your figure and go unnoticeable under all your outfits. Wearing t-shirt bras under bodycon dresses, t-shirts, fitted dresses, etc. will give you a smooth profile.
  • Lace Bras: Made of soft, lace fabric, this type of bras enhance your body in just the right ways. The sexiest type of all, you can wear these bras on special occasions to give your self-confidence a massive boost. 
  • Sports Bras: If hooks are not your thing, sports bras are the ideal option to go for. These easy, comfortable slip-on bras are perfect for daily use and can be used for all casual outfits.

The above mentioned must-have bra for ladies are bound to make a noticeable difference in your outfits. Make sure you stock up on these from Zivame at affordable prices. Along with these bras, if you would like to grow your collection some other types you can go for are convertible bras, cami bras, racerback bras, etc. Browse through bras occasion, type, outerwear wise in convenient ways, don’t waste any time getting your hands on this bra for ladies, start shopping!


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