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Typography can be referred as the style, appearance, and layout of the text, which is no doubt a crucial facet of your website. If visitors are having problems as they read your content, then they will not use your site.

If you are creating a strictly personal website with a restricted audience, then you have more room for maneuver in the typography of your site. Thus, if you want to render a look and feel that is out of the box then you can try out lavanderia sturdy font free.

For those who create a business website, or an informative site that is expected to attract many visitors, there are a number of things you should keep in mind.

Appearance and readability

We all know that a serif font, such as Times New Roman, is recommended for commercial correspondence. The “hats and feet” in the letters make it easy to read the text on a printed page. On the web, the opposite is true.

With this style, letters tend to run together when viewed on an electronic screen. This can make it difficult for your visitors to browse their copy of the body (i.e., the content) and locate the information they are looking for.

On the other hand, a sans-serif font (without hats and feet), like Verdana, is much easier to read and makes a web page look cleaner and less messy. The use of this type of source makes it much easier for the visitor of your website to read or scan the content of your website and the body copy in search of the information you are looking for.

For the Internet, many other sources are quite common. (However, if you want everyone to see your pages as you designed them, it is safer to use the main sources).

You can use Lavanderia font you want for titles, logos or headers.  If you create them as graphics. That way, everyone will see the source correctly, regardless of what they have in their system.

Of course, the flip side of that coin is that the more graphics you have such as printable pumpkin stencils, the slower your pages will load. This can work against you if you make visitors give up and leave your website.

Do not use several different sources on your website. A sans-serif font and a serif font, with all the variations of bold, italic and color, is more than enough to allow freedom of design.


Readability should be the main objective of your content when designing your web pages. Always think about your visitor and present your material in the simplest and most consistent way by using the appropriate text sources. This may seem like a small thing for the beginning webmaster, but it is probably the least understood aspect and also the most important aspect of any website.


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