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“But I might do it for him. A conversation just like the one Shamet and Barney shared, allowing himself to precise vulnerability even with an in depth buddy, can be rare for Shamet. “He keeps his circle fairly tight,” Melanie mentioned. “Staying even-keeled, regardless of if I play well or if I play unhealthy. Just trying to remain as even as doable. The buzzing at 2:30 a.m. Shamet’s nightstand woke him up abruptly.

At first, he tried to sleep by way of it. He glanced at his cellphone and saw his agent, George Langberg, had known as him several instances. Shamet, who was staying at Langberg’s New York house whereas Langberg was in Las Vegas at Summer League, figured it needed to be vital at that time of night. Then, worry kicked in. Had he been he traded again? He knew that, with the Clippers’ pursuit of Kawhi Leonard, there was a chance the group moved a few of the roster around to land one other star or important complementary player.

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