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IAS Coaching In Chennai Talks Lifestyle And Personality

The competition for IAS is steadily soaring. Cracking the UPSC conducted, the exam is becoming near impossible. While the vast syllabus the exam tests a student on is part of the problem, the other is the lifestyle and personality of the aspirant. Right from the point, a student begins preparing for the civil services till their last day as a civil servant to the nation, the lifestyle of the candidate matters. 

In the initial stage, things like motivation and self-discipline make the difference. After clearing the exam, things like punctuality and ethics matter. In short, the personality of a person can help them stand out in a crowd of IAS aspirants. In this article, we find out which qualities a student should fan and flame to enter the civil services.

Be An IAS Officer: It Takes Travel, TV And Books

As counterintuitive as it may sound, a winning lifestyle includes travel, tv and books. 

  • There is much truth in the saying that travel teaches like nothing else, and it puts perspective. What takes a civil services aspirant a whole book and several days to learn can be gained with one walk down a historical monument. Visiting the Red Fort will give you far more information on the history of the time period than a book can, and you will retain it better!
  • Get travelling around India from the North-East to the Mughal city of erstwhile, visit and learn about them. 
  • One lifestyle trait the entire youth of our nation has is watching TV. Thankfully, for IAS aspirants, it is a great quality to have. The reason for it is our brains. Studies prove that we are more likely to retain information if it is in graphical form as compared to a simple word. This is especially true for video content. Therefore, to all those hoping to pass the IAS Mains this year the trick is to switch on knowledgeable TV channels.
  • Like National Geographic and Discovery are excellent platforms to increase your font of information. Try watching those shows that focus on India or the international economy or the environment. 
  • As an IAS coaching in Chennai who has helped thousands of students prepare for CSE, the one advice we always give is to read, read and read. Learning is the only way to passing the IAS exam. Regularly reading is the only way to ensure that the entire syllabus is covered by the aspirant. From the General Studies paper to the subject papers, every stage of the civil services exam requires reading.
  • Develop the habit and build it in your lifestyle. Besides adding to your knowledge, reading also adds a language and writing skill to an IAS aspirant’s arsenal. They get three paybacks by developing a reading habit. The only condition is to include a variety of genres. If you stick to fictions and novels, it will not help pass the IAS exam. You need to include academic books, newspapers and magazines too. 

Every IAS coaching in Chennai Emphasises On Time Management

If you start laying down the lifestyle traits a civil servant or an IAS aspirant should have, we’ll cover the whole of India. There are just too many qualities, but one that every IAS coaching in Chennai (and elsewhere) will emphasise on is time management. For an IAS officer, there is too much work and too little time to do it all. For an IAS candidate, there is too much syllabus and too little time to cover it.

It is why punctuality and a strict time schedule is critical to flying through the civil services examination. When students fail to manage time appropriately, they fail to study the entire syllabus, which hampers the likelihood of passing. Time is, without doubt, the scarcest resource in their hands. The tip is to create a schedule, be punctual and stick to the time.

Following the tried and tested path doesn’t cut it anymore, you have to take steps that are out of the blue. Punctuality, reading, knowledgeable videos and travelling are a handful of traits that civil services aspirant should include in their lifestyle.



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