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The logo of any business is the first thing people (customers, stakeholders, and competitors) notice about it. A logo is first and foremost things that people scrutinize as it the most important part of your brand. It is the one thing that can make or break your brand and makes it famous amongst customers.

Since the logo is a crucial element of brand identity, it is important to get it right. But designing a logo that not only defines the values and goals of the company but appeals to the audience too is difficult. Many times, brands don’t take designing it seriously which harms their reputation badly.

Thus, it’s imperative that you make a guideline and adhere to it. Make a rough sketch, hire a designer or use Canva tool if you are designing it.

Even with all that if your logo is not resonating with the audience. Then it’s time to introspect and check where you went wrong. In the blog, we will talk about 5 logo designing blunders that you should never commit.

Here are 5 Logo designing blunders you should stay away from:

Don’t rely on the trends too much

Whether you hire a designer or design the logo yourself, make sure you don’t rely on trends too much. You will always find some popular trends of a technique for logo designing. But you can’t just blindly follow them as they might not go with the brand’s personality.

While designing the rough sketch of the logo, keep in mind the company’s goals and value. All these things will determine how the logo should look. Taking inspiration from trends is good as they will allow you to embed the latest design. But it’s more important to create a logo that represents the business and their mission.

Using raster images

A logo is not limited to just print media. You will be using it for digital promotion and creating a brand identity online. That means, putting the logo on your official websites and social media accounts like Facebook. And that is why it is important to make sure that you use vector images or graphics instead of raster. Vector images don’t pixelate, and you can easily edit them. Using them will make your logo scalable without any pixelation especially when seen on a mobile.

Improper Use Of Typeface

A typeface is important for a brand’s personality. So choosing a good and impactful typeface is crucial for your logo designing. Here are some tips to remember you should remember:

  • Don’t use a typeface that doesn’t go with the brand’s image, icon or other elements.
  • Use a typeface that justifies what the brand stands for and goes with its theme.
  • Never use too many typefaces as it makes it look like a poor logo designed by an amateur.
  • Have proper spacing between the texts. It should be too much or too little otherwise the text won’t be readable.
  • As long as you select a professional typeface, it’s okay to experiment with different fonts. Don’t be stuck on the common fonts like Arial or Time New Romans.

Not designing for the client

The designer whether hired or company’s employee will get a guideline for designing the logo. The designer needs to adhere to it and design it accordingly.

The owner will provide you with a brief that will include every detail. It will help you create the perfect logo. You can give your inputs for making it better, but in the end, go with the customer’s wish.

Also, never put your trademark on a brand’s logo. For your promotion, you can use it, but you can’t put your footprints on it.


Copying others logo doesn’t reflect well for both the designer and the client. For the client, it affects their reputation as the logo is their brand’s identity. Also, it will make the customer doubt their products/goods too.

On the designer’s part, it shows their incapability of designing a unique design on their own.

It is okay to take inspiration from other company’s logo. But in the end, you have to design an original one that meets the client’s company.

These are some of the common blunders that most brands make while designing their logo. A logo is the first contact/communication of a brand’s with its customer. That is why; you need to make it count by designing a unique, simple and alluring logo that connects with users. Lastly, if all this designing is making you scared, you can use Canva logo maker tool. The tool provides you hundreds of templates. All that you need to do is small customizations, and you’re good to go. Also, please share your comments about this topic with us.


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