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Lose weight in 7 days with this popular Detox Plan

In simple words, a detox diet will flush toxins out of your system. But do you really need one? First, let’s find out if you do.

  • Do you have an overall dull skin tone?
  • Is your skin prone to acne and rashes?
  • Do you suffer from headaches or migraines?
  • Do you have almost zero will-power?
  • Do you find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time?
  • Do you often need caffeine doses to keep you going?
  • Are you overweight or feel bloated?

Yes? Yes and Yes? Well, it’s time you try a detox plan. For advantages are many. Sparkling eyes, glowing skin, boosted energy levels, improved digestion and weight loss (to name a few). All in all the aim is to take the load off organs like liver, kidneys, and bowel that detoxify the body.

While you are out on this journey, you may find people equating detox with deprivation. Some even associate it with hunger, imbalanced food, kale juice and colonics.

But no. It is totally false. Trainers at Fit O’ Clock (best gym in Jaipur) say you do not have to suffer while detoxing. There are a lot of fab food alternatives instead.

List of food to avoid in a detox diet

  1. Meat slows down the process of digestion and helps bacteria to breed.
  2. Dairy like milk, cheese, etc. are acidic and lead to poor cell functioning.
  3. Wheat affects the lining of the intestines and wheat gluten cause bloating.
  4. Alcohol is bad for the liver.
  5. Sugar increases brain fog and slower detoxification.
  6. High salt diet affects blood pressure and slows cell functioning.
  7. Processed, packaged and frozen foods add to your waistline.
  8. Caffeine increases toxin levels in the body.

List of food to eat in a detox diet

  1. Any and all fresh fruits and vegetables contain strong detoxifying agents and enzymes that improve digestion.
  2. Whole-grains and beans have high levels of fiber that help flush toxins out of the body.
  3. Nuts and seeds have fat-soluble vitamins that help activate cell functioning.
  4. Salmon, mackerel, and sardines (mostly cold water fish) reduce inflammation and boost immune.
  5. Other items in the list include legumes, organic eggs, raw unsalted almonds, sunflower seeds, decaffeinated black tea, green tea, and water.

7-day detox plan for weight loss

Looking for a simple detox diet plan as a starter? Or if you just want to give your body a break, this 7-day plan will do the trick. It is both safe and do-able. Let’s get started.

1. Start your day with a cup of lemon juice.

As the oldest trick in the book, this one is still going strong. Lemon water is the best way to kick-start your digestion system in the morning. Take half a lemon and squeeze the juice in a cup of lukewarm water. Drink it on an empty stomach.

2. Make an exercise routine and stick to it.

During this 7-day period, plan an hour of your day completely dedicated to exercise. Gym trainers (find the best trainer at the best gym in Jaipur) wants you to take a spin class, jog, walk uphill, do hot yoga or boxing. It could be anything that will leave you panting and puffing. When your exercise is this intense, you can sweat your toxins out.

3. Eat the raw versions of food

Try to keep the cooking process to a minimum. Eat as much raw food as you can. Because raw counterparts contain more nutrients and enzymes. A quick example, add sprouts to your salad.

4. Mediate to detox the mind

Do not forget the soul, while detoxing the body. Sit in deep meditation for 15 minutes a day. If you are new to meditation, start with belly breathing. Place your palm on your lower belly and start breathing in. Count slowly to four. Hold and then breathe out slowly.

5. Drink a lot of fluids, mostly water

Try to drink as much as three liters of water in a day. Water helps to detoxify the kidney. Other fluids include spring water, fresh vegetable juice, and herbal tea. Here’s a recipe. Take Dandelion root, nettle, cleavers, calendula, burdock and red clover and leave them to dry. Take a cup of boiling water and add a teaspoon of these dry herbs. Strain and drink whenever you get the time.

6. Exfoliate your skin

Use a loofah in firm circular strokes to gently exfoliate your skin. End your shower with cold water. It adds to skin detoxification and blood circulation.

7. Chew each mouthful

Make sure you are chewing every mouthful. Chew at least 10 to 15 times before swallowing. It improves digestion and keeps you feeling full. Thus barring you from overeating.

Note: This plan is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and the elderly.

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